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    Major scam site Goldnuggetinvest.com

    Major scam site Goldnuggetinvest.com still operates and takes money, no payments and no answers from this one. I lost $ 1450.
    total scammers,a ponzi scam boasting 6% a week tax free profits,scam millions and needs to shut down by interpole. Obviously there is no trading going on as sportsbooks only deal with indervidual account holders and not companys.

    Arbitrage is possible of cause but no one is going give profits to a 3rd party after doing the work.

    They could just go to any bank with there 4 years worth of records showing 365% per year compounding and get a loan for any amount and keep the profits themselves of cause.

    Dont give them a cent as this is how they win by taking peoples $50 notes.A very basic ponzi with thousands of poor stupid people scammed like me and my wife.

    Complete and utter thieves and scammers of the worst kind.

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