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    This may not be a total scam, but real close. I applied a couple of times on this site and both times I was quoted rates different than what I had "supposedly" reserved. I was told once the rates went up before I could get my paperwork in within the 48 hours. I applied on Friday night, sent paperwork in on Sunday morning, did not hear from them until Tuesday morning then they said I was over the 48 hours. The other time, same situation, this time I was told my credit was not up to the level needed, even though I chose poor on there own website. Seems like they just tell you whatever you want to hear then change things.

    Stay away from this company.

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    Re: CloseYourOwnLoan.com

    That is an interesting post. So you applied with CloseYourOwnLoan.com and your loan was denied because your credit was poor? Did they charge you any application fees or credit report fees? It sounds like they got back to you the next day letting you know you could not get qualified, so I am curious why you were upset.

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