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    united claims center

    has anybody heard of united claims center in canada. they are asking you to send 3.00 for processing fee because you are a winner in some contest or promo. no i am not stupid and will not send money, just curious if other people are.

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    Re: united claims center

    How do they want payment sent; do they ask for bank account or credit card info?
    $3.00 is affy small potato[e]s.I wonder; is this a mass-mailing scam, letting sheer volume make up for the slim profit margin, or is it 9 year old Timmykins,trying to beef up his allowance?

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    Re: united claims center

    if it is a child they are pretty good, asking for check, cashier check or money order. even has a gold seal on letter, but they also want a copy of social and driver's li. :rolleyes: so tell me if this is a scam or what, pretty obvious to me.
    :o Lady Ariel

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