Voting machines milestones: Bush presidential 2004, EU referendum France 2005, Sarkozy presidential 2007, McCain 2008, Sarkozy EU 2009

2004 - 2008 milestones
2004 US presidential - first time in Illuminatziland, voting machines used to fulfill the candidate in the winner role, i.e. to "re-elect" Bush. (1)

2005 EU referendum France - first time he illuminati make a miscalculation when using voting machines to fulfill the results. They thought that computer vote would be required only to play the introductory role (used for less than 5% of the votes, goal supposed to be only to pave acceptance for next “election” totally computerized), since all parties in parliament campaigned for “YES”. Yet the “NO" vote won. (2)

France presidential 2007 - first time voting machines used to decide the election in a EU “country”. For the first time this decisive factor is used (rather than changing the winner) “only” for quantitative changes, they just add a few percent to the “votes” of Sarkozy (the actor in the winner’s role in the illuminati script), who would have won also without voting machines. (3)

2008 US presidential - first time the decisive factor is used for quantitative changes involving a multiplying factor higher than 2, multiplying the "votes" of Mcain (someone in loser's role in the illuminati script).
Actually the factor sets a record impossible to beat, by 12 ( from under 5 million to almost 60 million "votes"). (4)

EU Parliament, June 2009 - THREE milestones in one day
EU Parliament 2009 - despite the factor used to multiply the "votes" of Sarkozy (the actor in the winner's role in the illuminati script) being slightly below two (i.e. much lower than McCain), it is the first time that voting machines ARE actually used to decide the election in a EU "country".

A second milestone: first time where, because of use of ballots in “countries” in any constellation (e.g. UK, ruled by “left”, Germany ruled by a “left” and “right” coalition or Italy ruled by the “right”) on one hand and voting machines in France in the other hand, the use of the decisive factor is immediately exposed by simply comparing the two hands.
In other words, the question that none of the “journalists” will pose is:
- how to explain that France, the only area in the EU where the results are decided by electronic vote, was also the only area where the party “in power” was also the only party increasing instead of losing votes?
The fact that the although Sarkozy was confronted with much larger protests to his “reforms” than any of the other parties “in power” the illuminati programmed that increase bys almost doubling his votes is just an additional detail as far as this milestone.But the fact that Sarkozy's votes were almost doubled plays a role in the third milestone: for the first time in the EU elections, voting machines influence significantly the composition of the Parliament. But unlike Halloween 2004 in the US presidential "elections", this has no more anything to do with marking the formal acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. For the EU human cattle that happened days before the 2004 US presidential "elections", when the populace of 25 former countries accepted to give up national independence without a shot being fired, as their illuminati rulers signed the EU constittution at Rome. (5)

Cover up of how easily the 2009 fraud can be exposed
The results reduced (“parties in power massively lose, from 5% to 20%) are only “contradicted” by “Sarkozy” numbers programmed in the illuminati voting machines.
Since the populace accepted the Mark of the Beast there was no more need to cover-up anything. Yet the system is now collapsing and electonic vote could not be timely introduced in “countries” like the UK or Holland, where the parties in power are collapsing and voters have now alternatives. The UK results mark a milestone, with one of these alternatives, the BNP, beating for the first time one of the parties that so far played the “in power” role, the “Labor” Party.

So to cover-up what the reduction of the results returns as well as to cover-up that that reduction immediately exposes the electonic vote fraud in France, the illuminati staged two major acts:
- ministers “abandoning” the Gordon Brown’s ship before the results are announced;
- using Italy's "premier" Berlusconi and the porn framework (like Clinton/Lewinsky 1998), implemented as his “divorce” followed by "wild sex orgies with prostitutes", the photo of "Berlusconi’s erection" as climax. (6)

Why? To “justify” the “catastrophic” results of Gordon Brown or 35% Berlusconi got after being always polled at 45%.
Still media sells Berlusconi’s massive loss of votes as a victory. As mentioned, to cover up the simple truth: Sarkozy was the only “victor” “in power”.

(1) The moment that formally signals the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast by the US populace.

(2) 2005 EU referendum proves that Diebold machines are now a MUST for the illuminati

(3) France vs. US elections for dummies: Sarkozy 2007 compared to Bush 2004 and Bush 2000

(4) “Democratic” “candidate” (original script: Hillary Clinton) had the winner role, beyond the fact that the masses, after Bush, would not swallow a “republican”.
Main reason: profile required to disarm citizens. Also: staging the purity of BushClinton final act, ever since 1988. The illuminati were forced to repackage it by stripping “Obama” of his 44th medal (coming now if still time left).

(5) Satanic Trilogy: the second ceremony, October 2004

(6) Photo: Silvio Berlusconi: penis erection returns name of a "premier" and "president"