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Thread: 1-888-237-5431

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    Hello All, Just received a letter from Loan Review Department 3191 Red Hill Ave, Suite #100 Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
    That is their toll free number listed at the top. The name is North American Acceptance Corporation. The letter was addressed to me and said that they could help me with my mortgage. Upon looking into this company further it seems they are a car dealership??!! Does anyone have any further info on them. Has anyone spoken to them? I have not called. Thanks

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    Re: 1-888-237-5431

    Well they have a phone listing at Whitepages.com, (plus 5-6 other phone numbers appear for them with a reverse address search, inc. a CEO and VP)
    North American Acceptance Corp
    3191 Red Hill Ave
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3451
    (714) 438-0200
    Job title: unavailable
    Company: North American Acceptance Corp
    And a Business Registration with the CA. SoS,
    Number: C2448498
    Date Filed: 10/1/2002
    Status: active
    Jurisdiction: California
    3191 REDHILL AVE #100
    COSTA MESA, CA 92626
    Agent for Service of Process
    2875 MICHELLE DR STE 100
    IRVINE, CA 92606
    They also have a BBB Report,
    Company Profile
    North American Acceptance Corporation
    3191 Redhill Avenue, Suite 100
    Costa Mesa, , CA 92626
    Tel: (800) 344-9171
    Fax: (714) 850-7446
    Contact: Marco Rasic - President
    Business Start Date: 4/1/2003
    Company ID: 13209829

    Nature of Business
    This company's business is providing automotive direct and indirect lending services.

    This company has been accredited since 05/07/2004 and we are satisfied that it honors its commitment. The company has agreed to uphold our accreditation standards, which include a commitment to act in accordance with ethical business practices and to respond to customer complaints.

    Licensing Agency
    Dept. of Corporation, Finance Lender
    License Number: 6038881
    Status: Active

    As of the last verification date this company was licensed as a finance lender with the California Department of Corporations as of 03/17/2003.
    The BBB Report currently shows 29 complaints in the last 3 years with a C+ rating.

    I'd point out the companies website at naacceptance.com/. Their 'Contact Us' page gives this information,
    Corporate Headquarters:
    125 E. Baker Street #135
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Email: info@naacceptance.com
    Phone: (800) 344-9171
    Fax (866) 569-NAAC (6222)
    Google and other mass search engines are not very good for looking up phone numbers. They will yank the phone number from posts and adverts without any information on where said number came from or even if it is current. For example, Google Search for '888-237-5431 gives two hits (SEE NOTE BELOW) which mention a 'Brunswick Auto Mart'. Yet I can not find that number in any of the listings. Note at the top of both search result links it says something like,
    From THIS LINK
    We're sorry, but the 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport you were inquiring about is not in the inventory for the Cleveland area.
    So neither of those links are current. Besides, a quick Google Search for 'Brunswick Auto Mart shows numerous listings like this one from a local news station,,
    Brunswick Auto Mart
    3031 Center Rd
    Brunswick, OH 44212
    Phone: (888) 468-6226
    The number '888-237-5431' is actually showing up on a automobile classifieds website called, carsoup.com.

    I have no idea whom the number '888-237-5431' belongs too. It's not listed as belonging to either 'North American Acceptance Corp' or 'Brunswick Auto Mart'.

    Once the search spiders catalog this thread, should be in a few hours, there will be three listings for this number. Actually four but this number is not as yet listed at 800notes.com.
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