I've seen several allusions here to some of their site(s) no longer being open for business. Is that the case? Bad experiences anyone? I was thinking of going for a plasma TV with one of their sites.
I had a semi-bad experience with them a few years ago, for a measly $50 gift card. The problems were:
1. They would only give you the redemption voucher by email, but all the email providers I used had them on their spammer list and would not let me receive their emails, not even to bulk mail folder! So it was very hard to get the voucher.
2. Their customer service was only by email (same problem) or by calling "customer service" which was just a voice mail box that never returned calls. My workaround was to call into the company voice mail tree, talk to a random employee and ask them to transfer me to a Cust Serv rep. One time a guy told me he was trying to transfer me to a live person because he knew the cust serv voice mail would never call me back. I finally got someone to give me my CS rep's extension # so I could call him myself. After many calls (and claims it had been shipped) I finally got the $50 gift card.

As a result of problem # 1 above, when I did an offer with another company, I bought my own throwaway domain from yahoo ($2.99/yr), gave the gifts co. a made-up email based on that domain, and had yahoo forward ALL emails from that domain to my real email address. With a filter I was able to get the emails from that gift co. to go to a specific folder (and boy were there spam emails!). Anyway, when I'm done with this gift I can simply turn off the spam spigot at the yahoo domain.