My husband and I had an adjustable rate mortgage and could not refinance due to our equity postion. Knowing that it was going to adjust in January,we looked into our options. We searched the web and came across www.helpsavemymortgage They seemed very professional with lots of information about mortgage modifications and saving your home from foreclosurer. We were told that if we were looking to modify our mortgage with our lender New Century Mortgage we came to the right place they had inside contacts and could get this file done! After we send our infomation and a check for $995.00 which was October of 2008 We waited and waited still no return call. We finally made contact in mid November and were told they needed up dated documents from us, so we fed-x all the info and asked if they could give us a time table. They said they were very busy and if we wanted to go straight to the front of the line it would cost another $395.oo to do the Express Modification! At that point my husband said he wanted to speak to a supervisor due to the fact they had our info and our $995.00 already. Well we spoke to a Mr Thomas who turned out to be a Joseph Tedeschi the owner of this company. After getting nowere with him our his company we demaned a refund, he said he would look into our file and get back to us. After waiting another three weeks with no call back we spoke with an attorney about our options on the refund, after looking into Joseph Tedeschi and we were amazed at what we discover. First and foremost Joseph Tedeschi has been brought up on FRAUD charges many times and had his mortgage company shut down by both State and Federal Regulators a company called Coast to Coast Mortgage and ******* out of Rhode Island. And after checking with our Attorney Generals Office and the Rhode Island Attorney Generals Office were he opperates his company we were told that there are several cases being investigated against him and his company. We then tried to get a phycial address to send a certified letter from our Attorney and could not get one either from them or his web site, we were told that cons do this to stay out of reach! Wewerealso told there is a class action suit being but together. Companies charging fees up front for mortgage/loan modifications with no services rendered.and or not getting any results and keeping all or most of the fees.In the later case this is us. We are out $995.00 and this guy is still opperating this SCAM. It is know June 2009 and we did get a mortgage modification done with the help of our Attorney and the HUD hotline. To all out there looking for help call your mortgage lender first and or speak with someone from HUD who can truly help and lets get these crooks, con artist and scammers like Joseph Tedeschi of and shut them down once and for all. To all you hard working Americans let the public know whats happening out there! God bless and thank you J. Falcone