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    Recurring Cash Generator

    Is it just me, is this likely to be the world's fastest crashing Ponzi?
    They make claims of doubling your money daily, plus some residual amount (I've seen figures from 20% to 52%, depending on the spammer advertising it), and at least one moron claimed that he cycled in 5 hours in his ads.

    Google "recurringcashgenerator.com" and take a look at the stupidest scam I've seen in months.

    The WHOIS info is worthless, by the way. Claims to be in Minsk, Belarus, with an American name and an IP space located somewhere in the vicinity of Seattle.

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    Re: Recurring Cash Generator


    I tried to get a refund of $50.00 originally invested to no avail. These people are VERY shady and have no support whatsoever and just take your money and your address, etc. I wish there was a way to get Recurring Cash Generator liars off the web!

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    Re: Recurring Cash Generator

    i too have put money in i paid thru pay pal so i shall be contacting their fraud dept,to see if anything can be done by them. let you know.:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Recurring Cash Generator

    Hi, let me know if you got a refund because there seems to be no support in that program. Anita:zx11pissed:

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