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    Gds Publishing And Events

    I used to work at GDS publishing and word is getting out about their scams.....

    "SCAM SCAM SCAM, i used to work there, they tell you anything so they can get you to buy into their "summit" or "roundtable" or "advertisement". Then when you pay you get put in a magazine that get sent to NO ONE! its a fake magazine. They make up the circulation and everything. In reality the magazine gets made and sent out to only the people who paid to put adds in it. I quit cause they made us lie and do tons of work and they wouldnt let us sit down all day! I got 4 sales while I was there and now feel horrible about scaming people. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALLLLLL COSTS. They act like tough guys or CEO and use fake names."



    To learn more about this corporate scam.

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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    Glad that you have stepped out and telling us the truth. How long have this company been around?

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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    I used to work for GDS too.. I don't understand how they are still in business! Everything about the company is lies!! EVERYTHING! This company has a 30m turnover and employs around 300 people, so not a small outfit.. Somebody needs to stop this company because they ruin lives! Not just on the sponsorship/adsales side, but more importantly the people who are directly involved, the employees... The employees are brainwashed into this whole scam, GDS takes as much as they can from employees and then spits them out!

    GDS has 2 sides to the business, Events and Puiblishing... They are both complete scams.

    Events: GDS sells sponsors anywhere from 30k+ for ONE company to attend! The 'opportunity' for these companies to attend is so that they can meet and pitch C level decision makers who supposedly have huge budgets and are specifically working with GDS to solve thier pressing business issues. Sponsors are given the opportunity to attend 16 one on one meetings with C level heads of their choice and to be one of only 20 companies to do so. The sponsors are taken online in the pitch and shown a list of delegates who have 'contractually committed their attendance'.. In actuall fact, none of the delegates on the lists are confirmed, ignorant sales managers make them up, they litterally go through a particular industry and choose 50 of the biggest shakers and movers, put them in a list on a flashy website then pitch for companies for 6 months to pay extortionate amounts of money to meet them. When these sponsors actually get down on site they are greeted by not the most influential decision makers in the industry but lots of nobody executives who have no interest in what they do. In fact, and this is gods honest truth, the first ever event they held was in China, they didn't even bother trying to get rubbish delegates, they went around one day before the event and paid people off the street to come in and do the meetings. These people couldnt speak English!!! So when the sponsors met them they were none the wiser!!

    Magazines, not a lot to say really other than do the maths in your head, how on earth could a company send 40,000 COURIER DELIVERED magazines to a targeted audience and make money??? It is impossible, in reality what happens is the magazine takes sponsorship from anyone who will pay, they will print a few which get sent to the sponsors and that is it. Nobody else will see them.

    Magazine campaigns targets are around 300k, events 600k, for five people on the phone, salary, bonuses and minimal costs = massive profits.

    The whole company is ed, everybody inside are trying to each other over and nobody really cares about anyone but themselfes. Great place to go if you want to learn sales techniques fast, but stay there for a year or more and you will turn into a tru GDS prodigy, a lying, stealing, backstabbing, fraudulent bastard who has no concern for anything but themselfes and money.

    Aside from the unbelieveable working conditions which resmble those of a Nazi concentration camp, there is a massive bullying problem there. It is part of the GDS institution to take good, hard working and honest people apart by breaking them down to their lowest point and building them back up in a sinister way. Managers and directors push this ethos heavily. There is also major problems with professional conduct, manager and directors excessively taking drugs esp cocaine in work, ing trainess, some people have even gone been caught with amounts of drugs, sent to prison abroard and then hussled out by brown envelopes stuffed with money to crooked diplomats.

    Spencer David Green, Chariman & Owner )GDS = S>D>G..). You are a horrible, dispicable man who deserves to lose everything you have and go to prison.

    Somebody stop this company before they hurt anyone else, dont wait, do it now!!!

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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    after reading the posts on here I am truly disapointed.

    I always maintain a proffesional level of decorum even when speaking ill of some one/ something else.

    Which draws my attention to the gentlemans post with quite a lot fo swear words etc.

    Please, jog on.

    Now, GDS is an established Media organisation whose span reaches globally, I have just returned from a fantastic summit is Kenya with some of the most important people in the telco market-please simply search NGT Africa Summit or even look at Meet the Boss which is proof of the work we do and the people we work with. To revert to the point made by the esteemed gentlemen- as a start up organisation things may not have gone as quickly or as smoothly as some others, im sure that Microsoft did not become a huge multinational after its first sale.

    GDS is present in most geographical areas and in most verticals and to the most part provides huge ROI for its clients, again, please just google the name or even speak with some one from the IDC or Frost and Sullivan or indeed any of the companies we have worked with and continue to do so now.

    As for the conduct of staff-we maintain a very high level of proffesionalism throughout the company-warnings, dicsiplining and sackings are common place for those who step out of line and also for those who do not perform which leads my to think that the "sweary" chap was one of the few who didn't succeed and, now being unemployed can find no better thing to do than comment on blogs.

    I find myself, quite comfortably I must add typing on my laptop (paid by my work at GDS), looking at one of the best views in the UK (from my GDS Office) surrounded by talented young people selling on trully beneficial and very real, sales campaigns on great projects. After this, I will return home to watch my rather large tv(paid for by work at GDS) in my rather nice flat (again, well you know where this goes) and to look forward to another great day in work where I get to speak with and meet some of the most important executives in different vertical markets throughout the world.

    So, to retorte-this blogg has probably been set up by some one a little too bitter to work any where else. For those who have been approached by GDS and were not appreciative of the sales tactics-i apologise-but, that is sales, more specifically its media sales-google it-

    But, of all these people I beg you to do a bit more due diligence than to read a blog by a disgruntled ex employee-speak to analysts, speak to past vendors, delegates, sponsors.

    Do this and make an educated and intellegents choice,


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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    Well 'bigg', people can believe whom ever they wish, I would urge anyone to reading this to type 'gds scam' into google and see what pops up. And FYI, I have been working for a blue chip for nearly two years now since leaving GDS, I have a company car, laptop, blackberry, fuel card, company benefits and entitlements, pension and not to mention a lovely TV and house... However the main difference between what I am doing now and when I worked in GDS is that I do not have to rip people off to make money.

    I still keep in touch with people who work there and nothing against them individually they are just easily manipulated and need the money, I guess now with the current job market people are less inclined to take a risk and find other work. I was speaking to some people who work there a few weeks ago and it seems things have not changed at all since I was there, I typed into goodle GDS and numerous sites came up exposing your scams, couldn't resist sharing my thoughts as I believe people should be aware. It is eveident that a leopard does not change its spots 'bigg'.

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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    I still work at GDS. Yes we tell the occassional porky, yes we can be heavy handed (some might say immorally so), yes we do pretend to have partnerships and delegate attendances that are not yet confirmed - but that is media sales. I'm glad there are enough young ambitious kids out there who want money and nicer things in life and will do anything to get them even if it means bending their own moral code for a few years. Why not steal from ignorant directors of companies around the world? They essentially steal from us so we steal it back - like a modern day robin hood scenario. The thing that seems to upset you disgruntled ex-employees is that you can't do anything about this particular machine as Spencer Green has been clever and picked an industry that isn't regulated - you're just gutted that you didn't think about it and you're not the one with the mansion and WAG.

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    Re: Gds Publishing And Events

    yeah GDS International are n awful company to work for, I found this site that dishes a hell of a lot of thing that I'm sure GDS won't want coming to light!! http://gdsisascam.com

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