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    Religion/UFO Cult Scam Letter

    "Dearly Chosen,

    My name is Dr. Daniel Payne, and I have been directed to contact you with
    great news. Beginning in 2001, a female alien being from the most supreme
    alien race in our universe started channeling messages through me, and has
    just recently given me directions to send an email to you. I have been
    instructed not to share the messages with the world until January 1, 2007.
    However, she has asked me to invite one hundred initiates (who will later
    become Guides in the Fellowship) to join in learning the messages before
    January 1, 2007, and afterwards becoming leaders in sharing the messages
    with others. Per her instructions, I cannot give full details of the messages in
    this initial email. She has told me that those who request initiation must do so
    on faith and spirit discernment. She has, however, allowed me to
    communicate the basics of her teachings with you in outline form:

    1. There is a Supreme Spirit, a universal consciousness within which all life
    exists. This consciousness is still evolving.
    2. She is from the most evolved alien race in our universe. Her race did not
    create the human race, but they did create the race which, in turn, created
    us. There are other universes, and many other alien races within our universe
    and others.
    3. There are currently many wars between alien races in our universe and
    4. Some alien races are active on earth, and abductions do sometimes occur
    though her race never abducts human beings.

    5. The human race is extremely young in universal evolutionary and spiritual
    terms. She has shared with me the origin and future of our race.

    6. She has shared political, moral, and spiritual guidelines for the human race
    in order to assist survival.
    7. There have been many previous contacts with the human race.

    When we unveil her teachings to the world, there will be five levels of
    participation in the Fellowship: (1) Friends; (2) Initiates; (3) Followers of the
    Way; (4) Guides; (5) Bishops (regional). As chosen pre-initiates, you will
    receive all training leading up to Guide level before the Fellowship is unveiled.
    You will be expected to maintain strict privacy concerning the teachings
    during this time. Our Supreme Teacher has chosen you for this mission, and I
    will accept the first 100 who respond to this invitation. The Fellowship is
    completely egalitarian; therefore, men and women will be accepted as Guide
    trainees. Before the worldwide unveiling of the Fellowship, I will meet with
    each of the chosen Guide initiates together for a formal initiation ceremony at
    a place and date to be chosen in the future. If you discern the truth of
    these revelations in your spirit, and wish to become Guide initiates, please
    respond to this email with you intention. Further instructions will be given at
    that time. Once you have been chosen as a Guide initiate, I will send you all
    my contact information, and you may feel free to contact me at any time
    during the training.

    Peace to you All,
    Dr. Daniel Payne, Spirit Fellowship Ambassador"


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    Re: Religion/UFO Cult Scam Letter

    Oh my god. Please please please give me that guys email address. I want to play along and see where it goes. This looks like fun, so much more interesting than Nigerian 419 scams.

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