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    Newman Bruce is a SCAMMER

    I purchased a Range Rover from Newman Bruce and it was a nightmare from day 1. I waited 5 weeks for the dealership to get the title of this car, which they did not have, then all the problems began. The day the vehicle was delivered the instrument panel wasn't working, the navigation did not work, the wipers did not work, the steering wheel was vibrating (which it still does), and broken glass came pouring out of the vents of my dashboard! There was still melted gum and pennies stuck to it in the cup holder from the previous owner!

    I have had my car serviced over 20 times in 9 months and had a master technician look at it from a different dealer, who proceeded to inform me that the complete rear-end of my car had been replaced and a completely different color paint.
    I have had several meetings with Newman Bruce who offered to paint my car for $500 (which I would have to pay for).

    Now I have an attorney dealing with it!

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    Re: Newman Bruce is a SCAMMER

    Yep, jerry, it's a Frankencar.
    Sold for salvage, partially rebuilt (just enough to get it on the road) paint and other cosmetic repairs to cover up gross defects (a dodge known as "Titlewax"), re-titled as roadworthy and sold.
    Did your mechanic diagnose the steering wheel shimmy? I ask, because back end damage plus shimmy makes me think bent frame; not usually repairable, you might have to live with that shimmy.

    Good checklist for used car buying - from dealer or individual - Here

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    Re: Newman Bruce is a SCAMMER

    sounds like a scam, check out what this scammer did to his unsuspecting customers at his body shop http://www.complaintsboard.com/compl...a-c573094.html

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