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    ESNTrain - A real train fraud

    Imagine you spend over USD 800 to travel through 10 European countries with a private train. This train is called ESNTrain. The organizer, Bernhard Jaeggle of ETH Zuerich, is promising all the best.

    You just arrived at the main railway station in Vienna, Austria.
    This special private ESNTrain should pick passenger up at 9am. But no such train arrives on this side. The organizer, fraudster Bernhard Jaeggle, wrote on that evening that ESNTrain was cancelled. He just failed to collect enough money to get this train running.
    Consequently most of the participants were left stranded all across Europe.
    The train never arrived.

    After that the organizer, Bernhard Jäggle (who also works for familie.at - Katholischer Familienverband ) Österreichs ), went into idle mode. He did not react to any mail he received from participants, who paid big dollars to travel on the ESNTrain.

    Two months have passed by. Participants have not received a single penny in ticket money back.
    Bernhard Jäggle just told all of the them, that he didn't have the money to refund the tickets. He didn't know when he has enough money to do so.
    He said he is not liable for anything. His company Platform is liable, but the companies doesn't have any funds left according the fraudster Bernhard Jäggle.

    Well, here you can learn more about ESNTrain and the criminal dealings of Bernhard Jäggle of ETH Zürich and Remo Weber of Winterthur.

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    Re: ESNTrain - A real train fraud

    USD800 is a big dollar. And they are on Facebook too.

    Check this out!

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