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    YTB is the best out there

    Ok, I know people are going to read this and then get mad that I'm telling people about my company but hey It's really good.

    I went with the owners on a cruise to the Bahamas and they are amazing people. The comp plan with blow your mind. I promise there is nothing like this out there.

    Let me spend some time with you and show you a company that can take you from zero to hero in no time at all. People love this because we are not pushing some product down their neck.

    Just come look into it.

    It wont hurt to to check it out.

    Call me with any questions you have.

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    Re: YTB is the best out there

    I removed your url. Why would anyone want to work with someone who recruits off a scam exposing site and can't even follow the rules about not posting their urls or advertising their scams here?

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