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    SignUPfuel.com is a massive scam

    http://signupfuel.com is a scam.
    DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS WITH YOUR MONEY YOU WILL SE NO ACTION AT ALL> You will besending your hard earned money to a black hole. THey said they would begin my campaign and i never got nothing.

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    Re: SignUPfuel.com is a massive scam

    I have never ever had a good experience with guaranteed sign-ups, and I have used several services.

    I have done a far better job myself driving some prospects from an article or other means of sending truly targeted and interested prospects to my opt-in pages.

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    Re: SignUPfuel.com is a massive scam

    Folks, the people at morethantraffic.com would like to cloud the issue that they are promoting a scam by posting porn links in whatever thread is about them. I guess they hope to sidetrack the threads and make them unreadable.

    Do you really want to be mixed up with such sick minds? The posts come from the same people and unfortunately it's an IP that can't be blocked. But every day I'm deleting and banning at least 5 names and posts just on that thread. I guess they hope you won't read the truth.

    What does that tell you?

    Stay away from that program. Apparently they can't do things legitimately so they have to resort to polluting the forum with links to sidetrack the threads. But from now on, I'll remove the posts completely and that thread will remain porn free and usable for factual information.:

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    Re: SignUPfuel.com is a massive scam

    Yep, they are a big time scam...check out ripoff report.com for a detailed explanation

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