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    E-cars are a dangerous myth


    Pike says the £250m tax boondoggle designed to induce us to buy electric cars would save less than 0.01 per cent of UK carbon emissions - yet represents a third of the nation's annual budget of the science and engineering ******* council.

    "The myths of the electric car centre on its energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and low operating costs," writes Pike. "Unfortunately, none of these are true."

    Bureaucratic claims that electric cars are three to four times more efficient (measured in kWh/km) are exaggerated, he explains, because they don't take into account inefficiencies in distribution. Only 36 per cent of energy available in the fuel in a power station is delivered as electricity - so the green "efficiency" advantage disappears.

    But even if all the available energy was delivered, without loss, the carbon emission saving would be negligible. And it's only "cheaper" because petrol is so heavily taxed. Once we all run dinky electric cars, the government will lose so much revenue, it will want to tax electricity, too.

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    Re: E-cars are a dangerous myth

    Everybody thinks if we would stop suckling on the tits of giant evil oil conglomerates and search for and implement alternative energy, the world would be a paradise and we could do a way with the evil evil pollution. Then we would all eat tofu and let cows run free. One of the biggest bandwagon right now is the alternative fuel such as electricity for the big mean cars.

    Get a Prius and you save the world. What people do not realize, that switching over to electric cars would do more harm then good. We have about 6 billion cars on the road in the world. All manufacturers are geared toward producing cars burning fossil fuels. If we do decide to go the electric route there are a few things to do first.
    First of all, you have to manufacture all these wonderful savior machines somewhere. You have to develop new infrastructure. Level acres and acres of land and pull up buildings. The process of construction it self, usually, is not conducive to the surrounding environment. Air Pollution, Noise pollution extra drain on local resources in the form of electricity, water, and yes fuel. Bulldozers won't run on batteries.

    Now that we have our hundreds, if not thousands of new manufacturing facilities all over the world, because of course China, Japan, and the countries in Europe, they all want to get in to this new market of the future, we have to manufacture the cars.

    Manufacturing electric cars is a bitch and is similar to stabbing our earth in the heart.
    Batteries have all kinds of seal friendly things in them such as graphite lithium cobalt oxide, manganese oxide and more things that end in oxide. These things are acquired through mining, an other traditional earth friendly procedure, or through chemical processes that opens even a bigger bag of worms.

    Once you got all the ingredients for your batteries, not even talking about the normal components of a car, you have to ship these things around the globe. Because some of these components are only produce and/mined on a few parts of the globe. This will also increase production costs greatly

    Once you have your shiny Prius rolling off the assembly line, someone have to buy these things.

    Our goal here is to replace all fossil fuel burning monsters with electric cars. Once DeCaprio buys a couple and hippies in California buy a few hundred more, sales would taper off, because, electric cars, are generally expensive to buy due to the high cost of manufacturing. On top of that, they are useless on anything else, other then in a sunny state on a smooth road at noon. Go to North Bay in Canada and try to start your electric car in the morning.

    Also, batteries only last 4-5 years and you have to replace them. You sort of have to have a drive plan for every day, because the car has a limited charge and you cant just pop in to a charging station to get some electricity. You go to grandma's and you get stuck in traffic. You will run out of electricity. Speaking of charging stations, same thing applies to those that apply to manufacturing facilities. More resources needed to build new ones or to modify existing gas stations.

    Also, once everybody has a new shiny electric cars, what do you do with the billions of cars on the road today. No way you can recycle all of them, so they would end up in land fills all across the world in the form of cubes.

    In conclusion, electric cars are not the solution to our ecological problems. If anything they would make things worse. We should try to aim towards reducing our impact on the environment not making it worse by coming up with new way of polluting it.

    I probably missed some points here, but feel free bring them up, that is why this is a discussion forum.
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    Re: E-cars are a dangerous myth

    the crushed car cubes don't go in landfill. they are shipped to china where its legal to burn all the coal you want to melt them down, and the minimum wage is set at the same price as a bowl of rice.

    i think the car batteries won't last 4-5 years and you will notice real problems by 2 years. same as laptop battery. except the car battery is really big and really expensive. also has to be bought from china because its illegal to use those chemicals here in USA or EU.

    if they demand $3 to dispose of your used tires, imagine what they are going to want to charge you to ship your car battery back to china? they ain't going to let you just dump it, and american workers pay and benefits are too high to have them recycled here. the lawyers will sue anybody that tries to recycle for endangering their employees and polluting the environment.

    i think the small car batteries we already use are probably shipped out of the country so the lead can be recycled.

    the electric car is going to be expensive, ugly thing.
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    Re: E-cars are a dangerous myth

    you are explaining the human dependence on financial/social security based on private capital and it's entrenched TERRITORIES of ADDICTION!? a rather natural and PREDICTABLE process based on human history/ignorance!? :freak3: :spin2: :
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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