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    My parents were scammed

    As most know, DLG scammed several hundred people out a millions of dollars. My parents were some of them. In attempting to help them should we go first to the company , American Benefits Concepts in Portage, MI who proposed this concept to my parents? Shouldn't they have researched DLG more thoroughly before selling their concept to these elderly people? We are at a total loss as to where and how to help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: My parents were scammed

    This is my personal opinion(I am not a lawyer). You have only one choice. You should sue American Benefits Concepts for your losses and the agent who sold you DLG for everything he got.

    American Benefits Concepts did not do due diligence and according to posts on this forum, they are currently selling similar schemes. So they are either stupid or greedy, but in any case they should be punished and driven out of business.

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