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    The Road To Rebellion



    It cannot be said enough folks, elections have consequences and we're living those consequences right now. It is those liberals that putt a liar, a thug, and a deceiver in the Oval Office. The liberals who installed this fool thought that once in, the world "could be as one," to quote a line from one of the stupidest songs ever puked up, yet this has failed to happen. Also failing to happen was that the rise of the oceans would halt, global cooling or global heating, depending on the day of the week, would stop, Michelle Obambi's bulbous butt would shrink, and their kids would attend public schools in DC. Now, the Angry Gargoyle in North Korean has flexed his muscle, playing the libs for idiots yet again (remember Maddy Halfbright and BJ Bubba's laughable efforts here?) while China is on the rise, flexing their muscle against US Navy ships, and Iran just shot a missile capable of taking a nuclear warhead, albeit a small one, all of the way to Israel or Europe. But WE'RE the bad guys according to the Thug-in-Chief. Evidently, reparations for blacks are out of vogue, it's now time for America to pony up reparations FOR THE WORLD!

    Liberals attack the Right on a daily basis for NOT giving The Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times) a chance, just like we should have given BJ Bubba a chance, over and over and over and over and over... This is nothing new to us; we've all seen this before from a liberal potus. BJ Bubba could not tell the truth to save his fat a** during his unimpressive years as the Liar-in-Thief and the lies, scandals, and impeachment trials came at us faster than Rosie O'Donnell shoving bean burritos down her neck! One needed a program to track the players and Comrade Zero is not far behind. Here is a website that tracks the lies of the Thug-in-Chief. http://www.audacityofhypocrisy.com/fashion-shows/ The main focus of effort for this bumbling idiot seems to be eroding or rather, outright dodging of the US Constitution as he seeks to command private industry, dictate car emissions standards, bow to foreign sovereigns, and utter such nonsense that the Constitution:

    "must break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, at least as its been interpreted and [the] Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. The document says what the states can't do to you, says what the Federal government can't do to you, but doesn't say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf."

    Stunningly, this fool was actually allowed to TEACH the Constitution to students who did not know that they were being fleeced by the best flim-flam man to come out of the Chicago political sewer! The entire purpose of the US Constitution is to, listen up Comrade Zero, LIMIT GOVERNMENT! He swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic but he IS the enemy! His attacks on and efforts to erode and destroy the Constitution of the United States of America are impeachable offenses but no one has the guts to say that the Anointed One has no clothes. We Conservatives would rather die than allow this pawn of Soros to turn the Constitution into a sliced and diced "living and breathing" joke. Our Founding Fathers got it right, THE FIRST TIME!

    Liberals whine that we on the Right are starting a civil war, not backing the potus, being big meanies, etc, but the reality of this entire issue not only has its roots in the 1960's that birthed the radicalism of Hitlery, Alinsky, DiFi, Boxer, Waxman, Reid, Rhambutt the Ballerina, Maobama, etc, but was exacerbated when the Democratic majority Congress attacked and slandered and then blocked the 1987 SCOTUS nomination of Judge Bork. Who led the charge? Why none other than Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy! Hypocrite. Liar. Drunkard. Then they followed that with continual attacks against Bush 43, printing classified information on the front page of the NY Obama Times, gave aid to our enemies in Fallujah via Waxman and Code Pink, and continue to consider criminal prosecutions against the Bush administration for being mean to captured Islamic terrorists like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the architect of 9/11. On April 21, 2009, Comrade Zero stated that he "left open the possibility of legally pursuing the Bush administration officials who formulated the policies that led to enhanced interrogation techniques."

    Well boo-hoo. The Gunny wonders what Daniel Pearl would have to say about that. The liberals in America believe that if we could just "hope" for a socialized utopian world, those terrorists and the enemies of America will "change" and why, the liberal lamb will lie down with the islamofascist lion! We'll NEVER have to worry about a terrorist attack again! The radical liberals in Congress, under the guise of "progressiveness" (codeword for socialism/communism) are ready to try ANYONE who protected the American people, as per the US Constitution, from terrorist attacks. It is the JOB of the President and elected leaders to PROTECT US from THE ENEMY! Looks like these clowns are too busy bending over and kissing the knob of the Saudi king and groveling in the land of the euro-pee-ons to be much good there. The liberal's continued attempts to prosecution Bush administration officials are simply the continuation of the attacks on the USA since 1968.

    The liberal-socialists, and that is what this breed really is, fervently believes that our Constitution SHOULD BE SUBJECTED to evolving standards of the times! They are down with change for the sake of change and then they'll hope for the best. Idiots. They rule by public opinion, dig judicial activism and legislating from the bench (when the people say NO!) and use ex post facto laws like BJ Bubba loose in a Girl's college dorm after lights out! But only if they can be used against CEO's, Christians, Conservative political officials, private citizens like Rush and Hannity, and any bank or business that Comrade Zero feels like being the boss of. The civil war that the left started, and is now scared to death of losing (we're playing by TEHIR ALINSKY RULES NOW) has grown in both intensity and bitterness as we stockpile guns and ammo and Janet Napwad calls us Vets "Right-Wing extremists" and seeks to limit our freedoms. Be careful what you libs wish for because when Conservatives regain control of House, Senate, and the Oval Office, we're going lib-hunting. (Hopefully for real).

    Turbo Tax Timmy now has the power to fire private industry CEOs at the behest of his master, the puppet of Soros, Chairman Zero. The Kenyan Usurper bleated that America ignores the leadership of the Eurotrash but fails to note that they've done nothing but bring us World War I, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a failure to live up to their NATO commitment in Afghanistan. Fat Germans on patrol! Rommel would sh*t his pants. So while The Cipher chatters off of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), kisses the knob of Faud, p*sses off our allies in Turkey and Israel, and tells us that we are not at war with the Islamofascists, Kim Jong Il continues to counterfeit American $100 bills, works to test its nuclear capability, and the mad mullah and President "I'm-in-a-jihad" still make deals for missile technology and work their centrifuges! Maybe a nasty note to them telling them to stop it will work, right libs?

    Liberals laughed at the Tea Parties on April 15th that happened in 835 cities across the USA! It should be noted that after the Boston Tea Party, the British suppressed us more, increased taxation, stole individual property, quartered their soldiers where they pleased, and restricted personal freedom. We rebelled. Then the rebellion turned into an armed conflict at Lexington Green after the Brits tried, as the libs now try, to seize our weapons. It took years and a lot of bloodshed but we were eventually free from the oppressive government. Now that the liberals are running the show, we ARE becoming less exceptional, less free (as Maobama tries to force the Euroturd mold on us), and coming under the domination of some clowns in Brussels and the UN Building in NYC more and more, and all in the name of global diplomacy, saying we're sorry (for liberating the world, being the shining city on the hill, and being the ONE to help in times of crisis.) Comrade Zero and the radical liberals are giving away our God-given rights, our Judeo-Christian judicial system (albeit that it's broke), our economic juggernaught, and our government to the UN, the ICC, and other anti-American scumbags. When we're being dictated to by the weasels in euroland, when these surrender monkeys are dictating the path of the United States (HARD APORT MAOBAMA!), telling us how to live, what to spend, how much we can make, injecting political correctness into every aspect of our lives, and taxing the crap out of us to support the subservience to elitist socialists in a centralized government, it'll be 1775 all over again. Liberals had better start paying attention to that history lesson and learn it or continue to laugh at us and ignore us at their peril

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    Re: The Road To Rebellion

    relax folks, just MORE HIND sight "reverence" from your favorite wanna be of cut and paste imagined....SENSATIONALISM!? the brucyboy!! :freak3: :spin2: :
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