Any body buying from this company be careful- i have bought a unit from them called lotus breeze in hurghada, But looks i will lose the money paid to them so far
To all clients purchasing Lotus Breeze from No More Hotels.

We would like to make a statement to defend the accusations made against us by no more hotels.

First – El-riad have never been and will never be greedy. No more hotels have hyped up the original prices we laid out to them and have been taking their commission from the first 2 payments, as we expected a commission of 12% to be taken away from the payments we had no problems but 25% commissions from the first 2 payments leaves very little to build with- hence the delays. We will not be paying late payments as no clients have paid as stated in their contracts direct to el-riad Agency.

We have asked no more hotels to change the structure of taking their payments so that more money can be released to us so that we can build your properties on time, please understand no developer especially ourselves after the problems we have just encountered with wwd will completely build a complex for free and then hope to take their monies owed to them.

No more hotels do not have permission to take the clients money and then pass it over as their statement so kindly puts it, it is our right as stated in the contracts that the clients must send the monies direct to ourselves and then we pay out commissions.( would you pay somebody your mortgage money and hope they pass it to the bank for you.)

No more hotels are right we have never contacted you until recently we didn’t realize that no more hotels were taking so much from the prices.
No more hotels have no right to cancel any clients contracts, please check your contracts and you will find you have signed direct with el-riad therefore anybody wishing to cancel their contracts will have to contract us direct and as stated in the contract will forfeit 25% of monies received by el-riad.
We would like to advise all clients to take back you 30% from No more hotels and if you wish to continue direct with us, initiate contact to us by mailing us at or this mail where our customers services will answer all your questions.
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