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    GHS Health Store Scam

    A company calling itself eFULFILLMENT INC is operating a scam through it's GHS Health Store site. It offers what seems like a god deal, but once you have ordered the cheap sample it then sends you a course of treatment and charges your account $114 which it will not accept responsibility for or refund the stolen money. BEWARE! GHS HEALTH STORE WILL STEAL FROM YOU

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    Re: GHS Health Store Scam

    My company, EFULFILLMENT SERVICE, handles the merchandise storage and order fulfillment process for GHS as well as over 400 other ecommerce merchants.

    Our role is limited to the warehousing and shipping process and we have no ownership in the inventory nor ownership in any of the companies that we serve including GHS.

    Nevertheless, if I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me via email at [email protected].

    John Lindberg - President


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    Re: GHS Health Store Scam

    If the company has negative opinions then you should not use it. There are many other companies in the field of fulfillment and I recommend using them.

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