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    May 2009

    Driver for Escort Service Scam

    Driver for Escort Service scam. They want money in advance, sometimes over $900 for the job. They claim you can make $3000 to $4000 per week. Recent phone number used as of
    May 2009:
    1-800-371-8854 a 12 minute message which referred you to
    They will ask you to send money via MoneyGram. Then ask you to meet the escorts you are suppose to drive which never show up. They delay the meeting..... collect the money then you are $crewed.

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    Re: Driver for Escort Service Scam

    this guy is a dirt bag, he post in a ton of cities. We need to fight back. People are not doing their homework before they get sucked into this scam

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    Re: Driver for Escort Service Scam

    i live in tampa florida.
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    Re: Driver for Escort Service Scam

    western union = S T O P

    business isn't done that way, scams are.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Driver for Escort Service Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
    western union = S T O P

    business isn't done that way, scams are.
    I'd just like to reiterate this statement because there is simply NO bigger red flag than Western Union or Moneygram or any other money transfer service being required.

    Mumbles is completely correct. Business is NEVER done that way. EVER.

    "The one thing women don't want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband." ~ Joan Rivers

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