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    Zereba - HireToAcquire - Rhett Molyneux

    I have just left the police station and then the attorneys, as I wanted to confirm everything I have read and heard about Molyneux for myself, as you know I have lost a great deal of money due to this con-man.:zx11pissed:

    Yes, he does have a very serious criminal record that includes theft, fraud, stolen goods, and cheque book fraud.

    The attorney has confirmed that the share certificates that he holds are forged, and that money has been taken (in one case from a sweet old lady.... no really!!). What he does is sign a sales agreement for the old lady's land, doesn't pay her, but then uses that agreement to go and sell the land to someone else, them he spends years in court trying to slow the process down whilst he has her money. Basically interest free fraud.

    He was imprisoned in Claremont police station, Cape Town last month, this fact can be checked with the warrant officer there or the investiogating officer Detective Symms. (courtesy of Mr. Jolly).

    in the last 12 months both Standard Bank and Absa bank have taken him to court and another sequestration is due in a few days, this will be his fifth. WHY DOES THE SOUTH AFRICAN AUTHORITIES ALLOW A KNOWN CRIMINAL WHO HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF FRAUD AND THEFT IN A SOUTH AFRICAN COURT TO BE A DIRECTOR OF A COMPANY?

    STORY ON THE STREET IS THAT HE HAD HIS WIFE'S CAR STOLEN TO CLAIM ON THE INSURANCE. HE WAS RACING THROUGH THE STREETS AT 6.00 AM IN THE MORNING THROUGH KENILWORTH THE DAY IT WAS SUPPOSEDLY STOLEN. The idiot broke of the catches from the inside of his house though, so the police are aware of his fraud! Once again thanks Mr. J.

    The next court case for him is a little different. He has been borrowing money from a lot of different people BUT giving them ALL the same security. Slipknot will be very pissed off, as will Eurocape, as will the banks. Of to prison you go you naughty Mr. Molyneux.

    Well hi to everyone, Schalk, Conrad, James, Brett, Anneline, Phil Stuart, Pieter, Pliny and everyone else in "the Molyneux network" lets all stay in touch and keep ourselves informed of what this crook is up to. If anyone else wants to join please contact me on philipdewet@yahoo.com all new info gladly received, thanks.

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    Re: Zereba - HireToAcquire - Rhett Molyneux

    I have been directed to this website since i found out that Mr Rhett Molyneux is the person behind Zareba Drive and i wish to inform all potential customers that they are very much at risk in using this service. I doubt that many other south africans car hire companies have vehicles impounded by the sheriff of the court when custmers are driving around in them when they have paid their money to Zareba Drive for hiring the car.

    I believe that this is not the first time that this has happened and i understand that one of their major advertisers on the vehicles pulled out of their contract with Zareba Drive once they realised that they were handing money over to such a shady operator. I urge other advertisers to follow the same stance and lead by example.

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    Re: Zereba - HireToAcquire - Rhett Molyneux

    Hi Tommy, I saw some of his repossessed cars for sale in the dealers, I'm surprised he has any cars left! I must admit to a smug smirk... can you imagine arriving in Cape Town, getting your hire car, of you go and next thing the sheriff is pulling you over and taking your rental car on the side of the highway... what do you do with all you bags etc? This guys becoming more of a moron daily! PLEASE someone put us all out of our misery, put him in prison where he belongs.:judges:

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