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Thread: Fraud and scam

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    Fraud and scam

    “Fraud and scam”
    DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood,
    Barents Seafood Choice, LLC
    Det Skandinaviske Investeringsselskap AS

    "Beware of this Norway companies!"
    We are a Seafood Importer based in Seoul, Korea.
    We tried to buy 40,700kg of Live King Crab from "DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood" represented by Barents Seafood Choice, LLC, and Det Skandinaviske Investeringsselskap AS.
    We transmitted US$13,875.00 first in their account for import live King Crab.
    Then, we just got 500kg of live Crab and no more reply.
    While we were working on Det Skandinaviske Investeringsselskap AS request to send money to the Barents Seafood Choice, LLC account in USA due to evasion of Norway taxes, our company (Century Korea Co., Ltd.) continuously pressured Norway company to do it fast, but still there are not shipment at moment.
    Since we were taking time to Mr. Igor Irusin, Mr. Alexander Sagaidak and Mr. Sergei Nazarov (all Russian Norwegian) promised to send product within one month, but it has been 6 months has been passed already.
    Still our company waiting for retuning money or product, but it isn’t come yet.
    This Russian Norwegian is scammer and they disgrace Norwegian sea food companies and defraud the revenue for export price.
    Details of Barents Seafood Choice, LLC and related companies list Exporter: DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood
    Add: Øyvind Seipæjærvi, P.O. Box 44, N-9935 Bugøynes
    Tel +47 78 97 05 00
    Fax +47 78 97 05 01

    Barents Seafood Choice LLC.
    President: Sergei Nazarov
    2232 77th Ave. SE Mercer Island, WA 98040
    Tel.: +1-206-484-0583
    Fax: +1-425-284-4470

    Det Skandinaviske Investeringsselskap AS
    President: Alexander Sagaidak
    ADD: Lamholmen 1, 8300 Svolvær (Vågan, Nordland)
    MO: + 4791584298
    Ph: + 4776066640


    If you need any question, please try to send me mail to : dmbltd@yahoo.com or call me 82-70-8288-3248
    Mr. Joseph
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    Re: Fraud and scam

    The Washington state address appears phony; Google map shows it as being under an I-90 overpass.
    Barents Seafood Choice LLT is a registered company - in London, formed in May, 2008

    I suspect the Norwegian info is fake as well, but I lack the language skills to investigate.

    The part about "evasion of Norway taxes" is classic bunco artist language.
    The fact that any seafood (5oo kilos) was shipped to you, suggests the existence of a front company, with legitimate papers, doing just enough business to appear legal, while actually being used to launder money.
    Smells like Russian Mob. I'd write it off.

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