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    I am so reminded of Hank Willams.

    Hank III is an amazing song writer like his grandfather. If you have ever been to Nashville you would understand.

    If you have not been to Nashville, you should go.

    Nashville, a place where many dreams have been crushed.

    Also a place where dreams have been made.

    Hank III did not have any help from his father to make things happen.

    He did however have the same drive his grandfather did.

    Hank III is a great song writer, unlike his father who just rode his fathers coattails.

    His music reminds me of Nashville. More than that his music is genius.

    So many of you will never get to Nashville. You won't understand what a great place it is.

    Those of you from Nashville, I understand how your city can crush dreams, and ruin peoples lives.

    I wish it was not that way.

    A great city. though brutal.

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    Re: I am so reminded of Hank Willams.

    Trust me on this one, Howdy- if his name is Hank Williams, and he is in Nashville, he is riding coattails, like it or not. Spent a lot of time there over the years, still have quite a few friends and family there, great place, still visit often.

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    Re: I am so reminded of Hank Willams.

    This is my favorite...his favorite was "Death is only a dream"
    I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman

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