I'm so mad.

No, not mad. Livid.

See, I've been doing transcription for this one company for quite some time, I think as far back as September of 2008. They would contact me all the time for transcript work and I busted my tail for them. In fact, work continued to grow, they said they were swamped, and in March, I made way more than I ever did at my full-time job just doing their stuff part-time.

Now, for the sake of giving the company the chance to make things right, I am not going to state the business name (yet). But I got an email from their financial person today, after waiting for an email for a week or so regarding a paycheck, and here they talk about how they're in a financial crunch and are facing either bankruptcy or an investor bailout. Okay, I'm sorry, but they owe me some $2300 for the work I've done (some dating months back) and I am not going to let them just shove me to the side and forget about me.

Damn straight, I'm going to make them make this right. I had to email them and bug them time and time again to make sure they were sending me checks. I wasn't getting paid for work that I did until months later, after the fact. Although I thought that was a little screwy to begin with, I went with it, because either way, I WAS eventually getting paid and I WAS making good money with them. I checked them out, and they've been in business for 15 years. I had no reason otherwise to suspect anything.

But, well, there I go thinking all positive. And now, it looks as though it may be a long road to recover the money I rightfully earned. I'm taking this to the BBB, Georgia Small Claims court, and also notifying the other affiliations they have regarding their business. Oh, and I can do some MAJOR damage here online--I have quite the web presence and can make life miserable for them if they do not pay me. I'm sorry, but $2300 is a little too much to just shrug and say, "no biggie."

I will have to keep you all updated on this situation, but believe you me, I WILL get paid.

Please see more on my blog, sarakhaley.blogspot.com -- I have received some interesting information, as well as a video of a news story that was done in Georgia about how this company is not paying thousands of dollars to transcriptionists that did indeed to work for them.