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    Birth Cert Bond Fraud

    Has anyone ever heard of the Birth Cert scam that governments are perpetrating. From what I hear, when your born, a bond is created representing your BC and traded on the stock exchange. Its value is your entire lifes work and has an enormous value.

    FIDELITY.COM is apparently the manager of all these bonds. I would be interested to hear if anybody has heard anything of the sort and is it true. Truth liberates people.


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    Re: Birth Cert Bond Fraud

    Think I've seen something the like on Quatloos.com ; if memory serves, it's a dodge for the Tax Protester crowd.

    Here's a link to an article "explaining" the bond. Guy Euden

    Not the BC "bond" trading on the stock market you're searching for, but I bet the two are related - if not two sides of the same (counterfeit) coin.

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    Re: Birth Cert Bond Fraud


    I did a bit more diggin on it and I am finding out alot of strange information. Your birth cert is traded on the stock market as a bond. If you go to fidelity.com you should be able to type in your birth cert preceeded by the year and a forward slash, your bond number should come up. Your future earnings are being traded and is worth alot of money.

    The world operates under maratime law which is not enforceable on the land unless the person concerned allows it to be. For more information on this and I am still learning about this:

    This stuff makes perfect sense and is fricken strange at the same time!

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    Re: Birth Cert Bond Fraud

    ya, i read about that maritime thing a while back concerning taxation and was impressed!? like they say, the truth is stranger than fiction!? never heard about the BC bond thing though!? : :spin2:
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Birth Cert Bond Fraud

    lexx - you are too late. the black helicopters got the OP months ago.

    Obama and Pelosi already spent all you your future earnings + lots more.
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