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Thread: Any good ones?

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    Any good ones?

    I think that this place is great...it has stopped me from losing a lot of money! :) It is absolutly wonderfull that everyone has a genuine interest in stopping people from making mistakes that they did. I was thinking that since people here stop others from getting scammed if they had any advice on places that are legitimate and work well without a start-up fee. I personally haven't had any luck....anyone else find any good ones?

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    Re: Any good ones?

    This is in regards to ones who think "you get nothing free" and "if it sounds too good too be true don't do it" I am one of these persons who feel this way but I did find something that does work but I am not allowed to even mention the company on the internet or even give a web site in fact you can't even get into there web site without permission.

    But I can tell you I put up $5,000 in this company and in 9 months I got every penny back and in 22 months I will make $25,000. The only way I can even tell people about it is by phone. So if want information you can e-mail me at [email protected]
    Sorry, JKU

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