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    False Templar - beware

    The latest cranks using the Templar name to try dupe cash from people is quite funny actually. However in the spirit of being even and not just reporting some cranks and not others...
    He laughingly tries to link the (Sinclairs or St CLAIRS ) to the Templars ...yet again the masonic fed bull%%it pops up...

    "The St Clair, later Sinclair, Earls of Rosslyn or Roslin have also been connected to Templarism in Scotland, but Mark Oxbrow and Ian Robertson in their recent book, 'Rosslyn and the Grail' , note that the St Clair of Rosslyn testified against the Templars at their trial in Edinburgh in 1309. Dr. Louise Yeoman points out that the Rosslyn/Knights Templar connection is false, having been invented by 18th century fiction-writers, and that Rosslyn Chapel was built by William Sinclair so that Mass could be said for the souls of his family"

    Emory seems to have learnt to circulate emails and is sending them to anything and anyone, beware of donating or "helping" Emory in his quest, the poor soul is asking for money in his quest...but please enjoy the story.

    This person is a fraud or a storyteller, dont believe his crud as real please!
    Emory Taylor / storyteller
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    Re: False Templar - beware

    Could you at least show some valid proof?
    Got nothing?

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