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    be aware First New England Mortgage

    First New England Mortgage (www.FNE.com) Joe Haglund their loan officer told me that my mortgage refinance (new loan) was approved and I had to pay for appraisal $900. After the appraisal he confirmed one more time that the load was approved, however today he told me that I need to bring more than $40K to the closing in order to get refinanced. Obviously I want my appraisal money back since they clearly misled me saying that the loan was approved on my conditions not on the condition of bringing extra $40K. He refuses to issue a refund.
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    Re: be aware First New England Mortgage

    Got clarification from First New England Mortgage, saying that this logic is the part of their business - they are dependent on the lender and can not guarantee loan approval until all papers will be in place including appraisal. So, there was no bad intentions from their side. Have to agree with this. They care a lot about their good reputation and their President David Black was trying hard to resolve the misunderstanding.

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