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    GBD Int., Oslo, Norway

    Through The Virtual Office Pros and the CareerBuilder website, I applied for a work-at-home position for Administrative Assistant, Legal Secretary.

    Apparently, GBD Int. is a marketing company and has a website (but not an American website) where they sell many items from that site and on Ebay also.

    I received a contract for employment with a start date some time in April, 2009 (my choice when to start). A decent salary and commission. Sounds good?! I needed to set up a PayPal with my credit card. The company wanted my banking information because my job duty was: online communication regarding shipping and payments, payment collections and currency conversion, managing data and correspondence, reporting to supervisor.

    I went to my bank and the CS gal called the Scam Hotline. She came back saying, you need to call PayPal and have them DELETE your account because your e-mail address in PayPal is linked to your credit card and you need to change your e-mail address immediately.

    She said scams like this can leave an individual between $7,000 and $12,000 in debt in 1 week.

    I sent a scam report to CareerBuilder regarding The Virtual Office Pros endorsing this company.

    Please beware of GBD Int., Hovfaret 13, 0214 Oslo, Norway, Sandra Roberts or Jorg Henriksen. (No phone number).

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    Re: GBD Int., Oslo, Norway

    I had a very similiar situation. Work from Home Opportunity. The position was for Administrative Assistant. However instead of being GBD Int., it was BRD Int.

    BRD is an international corporation with an extensive experience in auction, market development and database management.

    Please be aware of: BRD Int. Avagen 42, 41251, Guteburg, Sweden
    Yon Norman and Alicia Brooks

    Gunnar Fredricksen (Human Resources Executive)

    Again, no phone number. A fax number was provided to send your temporary work contract. +46114966279

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