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    Re: generic drug price gouging

    Yesterday I received a Rx for the Generic of Levaquin 750mg 10 tablets (Levofloxacin). Went to Walmart to get it filled. The price for 10 was $272.00.

    When I got back home I found the price for the identical Rx at Costco, but for 20 instead of 10, for $27.85.

    Walmart won't price match drugs nor will they price match Internet pricing. They are a RIP OFF!:madgo:

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    Re: generic drug price gouging

    Buying generic drugs is a really awesome way to save some money and that's why I only order from texaschemist.com. Some might say that it's a risky thing to do that but there are stores you can trust and if you know such a good store, there aren't any other problems.

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