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    Re: generic drug price gouging

    Yesterday I received a Rx for the Generic of Levaquin 750mg 10 tablets (Levofloxacin). Went to Walmart to get it filled. The price for 10 was $272.00.

    When I got back home I found the price for the identical Rx at Costco, but for 20 instead of 10, for $27.85.

    Walmart won't price match drugs nor will they price match Internet pricing. They are a RIP OFF!:madgo:

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    Re: generic drug price gouging

    Buying generic drugs is a really awesome way to save some money and that's why I only order from texaschemist.com. Some might say that it's a risky thing to do that but there are stores you can trust and if you know such a good store, there aren't any other problems.

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    Re: generic drug price gouging

    Usually, the most decent prices are on web stores, as they don't spend that much money to maintain actual shop. But you have to be aware of fakes and stuff that you can get from it, so you should find a trusted source. http://pharmaciegenerique.fr and find one, go ahead.
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