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    A NEW PROJECT FROM OUR SOUTH AFRICAN CON-ARTIST- MR. RHETT MOLYNEUX. Not content with his fame and fortune in his own capacity. Mr. Molyneux started a company called Zereba in South Africa. Unfortunately for him, everybody found out that he was behind it. He's been found guilty of THEFT, FRAUD in South African Courts before. So his latest scam is where he hides behind a new company called HIRE TO ACQUIRE. GREAT IDEA, BECAUSE YOU CAN TAKE MONEY ON PROPERTY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUPPLY THE TITLE DEEDS TO.



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    Hiretoacquire or Hire to Acquire South Africa

    Be careful of this man he is very dangerous as you can see. Talk to your local SAPS.
    Just to keep everyone up to date here is a list of Police Criminal Case numbers against Rhett Molyneux. The latest (last week) first:

    Case number cas 435,04,2009 claremont / Motor Vehicle theft.
    Fingerprint Number: 1994 377798
    Case number cas 97/9/1993 claremont / Theft General
    Case number cas CTC 2/5/2008 Central / Drink / Drugs Drive
    Case number cas 281/9/1993 claremont / Common Law Theft
    Case number cas 519/8/1992 claremont / Fraud
    Case number cas CTC 120/4/1998 Central / Commercial Fraud
    Case number cas 1939/10/1997 Central / Bankruptcy
    Arrest Date 2008 05 01 case number CTC 2/5/2008
    Imprisonment Period / 6 Years.
    Case number 519/8/1992 claremont - GUILTY - THEFT
    Case number 519/8/1092 GUILTY- FRAUD / GUILTY - THEFT GENERAL
    Case number 519/8/1992 - IMPRISONMENT -
    SENTENCE DATE AND TIME - 1997-12-18 CAS 519/8/1992
    Case number 281/9/1993 / STOLEN GOODS / STOLEN CHEQUE BOOK / STOLEN CASH.

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