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    Global Reserve & Finance LTD - Investment Scam

    hese scam artists are offering impossible rates of return on investments (2-8% PER DAY depending on which document you read and the value of your investment). Obviously this is a scam.

    They also offer loans you never have to pay back if you put down collateral in the amount of 1-10% of the loan value.

    They appear to have lots of independent scamsters promoting them who may or may not be aware what they are doing is illegal. Eventually you end up getting referred to http://www.globalreserve.co.nz/ or http://myassuredcapital.com/

    Also see Atlantic Equity Associates, LLC www.atlanticequity.net is also part of this scam

    They want you to submit a bunch of personal details like passport number so this may be identity theft in addition to stealing your money.

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    Re: Global Reserve & Finance LTD - Investment Scam

    While engaging in some personal due diligence, based on numerous postings across several websites (over the course of only a few days) it would seem that Bill Smith/Bobbob/Shmike/Orenthall are the same person. You have copied and pasted the same statement but have used different aliases. Why is this? Upon further investigation, it appears that a person of the same name tried to bribe one of GRF’s consultants (Atlantic Equity) in the amount of $2,500 to provide information so that he could write a scandalized article. Is this one and the same person, whom is a Nigerian national who tried to put GRF in a negative light for possible extortion purposes?

    Then in one of your posts: Posted by shmike on Thu Apr 16, 2009
    “Here's another one. I had to change some info so as not to blow the cover of my identity”
    Why are you changing information?

    Interesting that upon further investigation in two correspondences obtained, a Mr. Orenthal Withers
    and Bill Smith (Bill S.?) trying to elicit similar information; used email addresses with domains that come under the same parent company 822 Media, owners of army.com, Activv llc, and Bulldogs.com. 822media.com. Coincidental?

    In your correspondence that you posted:
    “No problem, see attached. Hahah, photoshop does wonders”
    Again, why the need to use aliases? And, why the use of Photoshop to do “wonders”

    I am confused to as why you put referencing links: myassuredcapital which does not go anywhere and tried to legitimize your claims by utilizing the popular social network of Facebook and a generic upload site filesanywhere (?). Why couldn’t you cite specific occurrences of fraud? The company has been in business 2 years.

    In this reader’s opinion, this would be the M.O. of a scammer or at least the agenda of someone with an ulterior motive.

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    Re: Global Reserve and Finance Limited

    Online bulletin boards, whether newsgroups, or web-based bulletin boards, have become an increasingly popular forum for investors to share information. Bulletin boards typically feature threads made up of numerous messages on various investment opportunities. While some messages may be true, many turn out to be spurious.

    Also, you never know whether the sources are credible, or for certain who you're dealing with, because many bulletin boards allow users to hide their identity behind multiple aliases. People claiming to be authorities, may actually be competitors, former employees, or paid promoters working with an agenda.

    There have been many instances where “market manipulators” utilize bulletin boards to tout or degrade public companies in order to influence stock prices. Market regulators do their best to curb these activities; however it is a never-ending battle.

    Global Reserve and Finance Limited recommends that potential investors be careful who they listen to, who they take advice from; and should always do their proper due diligence.

    For more information visit: www.globalreserve.co.nz
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