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    Re: John W Lyons John W Lyons.com

    Mike, for lack of better words, you are an idiot! The car was exactly as described on the Ebay ad. You came and attempted to haggle on an already-made deal and then tried to intimidate me with threats when I reminded you the deposit was non-refundable. Now you have posted derogatory information about me on line (against my explicit advice to you not to) and opened yourself to a defamation lawsuit. If you keep it up, I WILL come after you and your employer by all legal means available. Don't be a block-head...either take the car as we agreed or lose the deposit.

    If you don't think your employer could be liable, check with your lawyer friend: You used both the company email and phone when leaving me threateneing emails and messages. Don't turn this into a war..you will lose.
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    Re: John W Lyons John W Lyons.com

    Are you talking about John Lyons "Philanthropist"? He's pissed off lots of people in Newport, RI.

    Suggest you chat with Cynthia Gibson of Preservation Society's Concours, and a Mr. Mark Hurwitz to get the lowdown.

    here's a good start


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    Re: John W Lyons John W Lyons.com

    Rod Seiling. Interesting. The former NHL Hockey player. Great career Rod. More interesting: I look at your IP address and it matches Mark Hurwitz of Barre Mass, Chairman of the Newport Concours. Wow! Do you two share the same computer? Mark, if you are going to discredit me...please have the courage to post your own name under the post. Now, let's talk a little bit about the 'real' Mark Hurwitz (speaking of scams):

    * Born (and still is) rich but acts like he is a 'humble farmer'.
    * By his own personal admission, has never had a successful partnership. No surrprise ours failed.
    * Claimed to own several GM dealerships in the 1990's (I was always inder the impression one could own only 1 franchise of a given marque). Actally owned a van customizing company during that time.
    * When working on Newport Concours in 2006, told many entities the LLC was a 501 (3) c (a not for profit entitity) in an effort to goin better vendor rates. At the time, Newport Concours was a 'for profit' LLC and NOT a 501.....
    * Claimed sponsorships of the show that don't exist in order to make the show appear more impressive on the web. See Maybach, Auto Aficionado (which unfortunately folded over a year ago), Breitling, etc at Newportconcours.org.
    * delayed payment of a concours charity (in 2006) that almost resulted in a lawsuit from the charity.

    There is plaenty more but I am trying to keep some decorum here.

    Mark, I have triend not to personalize this inspite of the fact that you have from the outset. I tried to suggest a few things from my experiance at a show I care about and now here we are on scam arguing about the postings of a former NHL Great....great work!

    P.S. To the real Rod Seiling: If you see this: Cease and Decist paperwork goes to Chairman Mark Hurwitz.

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    Re: John W Lyons John W Lyons.com

    I saw this scam posting and almost did not buy the car because of this. Went to inspect the 1959 Cadillac convertible after sending a deposit. Car had oil stain on center of the top. john apologized and offered to replace the top or refund my deposit. Good experience.

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    Re: John W Lyons John W Lyons.com

    glad the "founder" of Concourse D'Elegance gave your money back. He's got to get a real job:judges:

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