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    Deborah MacIntyre & Reporters' Inc-Toronto, Canada

    I was hired to produce ads for Deborah MacIntyre's magazine The Port Credit Reporter (She has various other ones such as The Lakeshore Reporter and The Kingsway Reporter, each one for a different community) She has failed to pay me for any of the work I have done and is avoiding all of my phone calls an emails. She is also never at the office that she rented out, so no one can ever get a hold of her.

    Every time I do speak with her, she has a different excuse as to why there are delays. Upon investigating, I found out that she has been scamming people for years. (Google 'Deborah MacIntyre' and look at the first link that comes up) There is an entire message board of complaints against her dating back 5 years. Many of the companies that bought ad space in her magazine that I was supposed to be creating ads for also haven't heard from her in weeks and she gives excuses to them as well as to why she hasn't produced the magazine yet as well.

    Upon speaking with some of these people, I learned that many of them had bought a year's worth of space and after 6 months, a single issue has still not been produced. There is a police report on her, but because not enough people have come forward to complain, they are not willing to do anything about it. For myself, they say it's a civil matter since she did not take any money from me, but it's hard to take her to Small Claims Court since no one can get a hold of her in person.

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    Re: Deborah MacIntyre & Reporters' Inc-Toronto, Ca

    Deborah MacIntyre or McIntyre, is a horrible person and a BIG SCAMMER. If anybody has any information about her,...where she goes to pick up her kids at school, where she guys groceries,...if she still lives at 556 Prince Edward drive, license plate numbers,....we would really appreciate it.

    We want our money back but she is hiding and we need to find her.

    She has been scamming people with her Reporters magazine for years. She lives off the money of other people and she belongs in Jail.

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