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    question about offers!!

    Can some one please help?

    I need to complete two offers on the last page of erewardgroup.com
    the offers are:

    Action Alerts Plus
    VMC Satellite

    I was thinking Action Alerts and Ephedra, but the problem is, Action is ($300+, refundable?) and EphedraRx is $240 with no indication of any refund. Tried to call a number listed on their website - said number not in service.

    Anyone have any experience with any of these offers?


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    Re: question about offers!!

    What is this for? When I go to erewards.com I get offers for 2 ipods and my last page is just 1 offer. Ephedra is only $59.99. I'm not sure if I am looking in the wrong place since I am new to all this but thats what mine is saying.

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    Re: question about offers!!

    I also went there and saw the ipods. The URL I have is


    it's for a Dyson Vacuum.. I wish the Ephedra was only $60! When I click on it it tells me that each bottle is $60, but with this offer I must buy 6 (SIX!) bottles = $240.

    No way I can spend that. I'd just go buy the vacuum.

    ADDENDUM!: Nevermind, I just clicked the url and it now allows me to purchase just 1 bottle. Either I'm an idiot or they changed it- sorry!

    What about any of the other offers??
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