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    Albert Edleditsch Is A Scammer

    Remember the name of this Austrian man (with a Mexican wife) who claims to be a financial wizard. He claims to be able to get finance for you (in our case for a large scale building project in Spain) and then befriends you for a period of months, then has "problems with credit cards and money transfers from his Mexican bank" and borrows from you (in our case getting us to hire a car for him as without a credit card he could not do this) and he would give us the cash when his money transfer came through! Of course this never happened and we are left being owed nearly 2000!!. This man is manipulative and a born liar - a very good liar too! Dont trust him - he will have you over as soon as look at you.

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    Re: Albert Edleditsch Is A Scammer

    Im from Spain, I know this man, I've been looking for him for a long time, Can you help me? whith email, telephone numbre or something about this person?

    I really need this. Thanks.


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