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    Convert .pdf file in to Ms word (No Joining Fees)


    Please note I am not promoting this website, As I am not still member.
    But i came across a website which offer online data entry job (type .pdf content to Ms word) free of cost. No Registration or Joining fees.

    We need to submit sample work, Company will check our sample work, if every thing is right, they will send login details.

    And we need to work from their server

    They offer per page $1 to $1.5

    Seem to be legit company. As we donot need to pay, why not try this job

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    Re: Convert .pdf file in to Ms word (No Joining Fe

    website created 16 Mar 2009

    the person creating it was unable or unwilling to fill out the form for the registration.

    203 Aakansha Scoiety
    Raigad District
    Panvel (near Mumbai), MA 410206

    (i guess that's where you go to complain if you don't get paid?)

    hosted at some free, ad supported webhost, meaning the operators have NO MONEY!

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    Re: Convert .pdf file in to Ms word (No Joining Fe

    Dear Mumbles

    I think you have incomplete knowledge, this website is not hosted on free ads, They have registretred from webs.com
    Webs.com is same like go-daddy.com which offer website name and space. Please check when you write something.
    Donot write false thing about any company when you donot have knowledge

    And LINK REMOVED , how it can be hosted on free website.

    Please read company profile, they have clearly mentioned, website launched on 16 March 2009, formerly know as MadonnaGlobalinc.com (launched on 2006 ) part of NMGGroups groups. Also they are paypal verified since 2005.

    If you are unpaid, you can go to Mumbai Court, which they have clearly mentioned in Terms and conditions

    And atlast, if you read whole thing, they have clearly mentioned.

    Please check Whois.com

    The office address mentioned in whois.com and address mentioned in company website is same

    This website has not asked money also. We are not loosing something. I have seen this is first website which offer free data entry job. If you see other company charge $49 to $100 for registartion fees

    I would request you, please go and check website properly, if have any query write to them. at LINK REMOVED
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    Re: Convert .pdf file in to Ms word (No Joining Fe


    Now, you claim not to be affiliated with the company, but you sure do know a lot about them, huh?

    Rather than farm this great opportunity out to others on the internet, why don't you simply buy several copies of PDF Converter @ $70.00 a copy, convert the documents yourself, and keep all those thousands and thousands of dollars for yourself? Heck, even if it's paper copy that needs to be converted, for under $1,000.00, you can get one heck of a sheet-fed scanner, scan the docs, and drag them into Word. Again, all those thousands and thousands of dollars are all yours.

    Just think of all the money you can make from this, and you get to keep it all if you do it my way! No charge for the advice, either.


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    Re: Convert .pdf file in to Ms word (No Joining Fe

    Dear Luv n Life

    Whatever I have read on the website, I had try to describe on the website. they have clearly mentioned each and everthing on the website. Also they have update phone number and office Address

    I have call them to check whether they got my sample page and also called them after reading your message again I call them. I gave your advice, they said me please read the website carefully, they have several work not only .pdf to be convert, that is one sample. Actually we will be working on their server.

    If we are selected we will be working on their server, without any cost. Why people have problem when you get something free. It means they should charge you and then you will think they are real companies.

    I would say try the sample work, we are not losing any money. if luckily selected we can get real data entry job, what they have mentioned

    Be Always positive dear

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