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    Re: Jehovah Witness Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by doojie View Post
    ...That is a choice that very few will make, since we all have a tendency to need an authority.

    "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it(Matthew 7:14)".

    Notice, he never said "choose it". he said "find it".

    People don't join religions to find freedom. they join religions to be enslaved to an ideology created by man.
    Why is it that Man needs to be "enslaved" or needs "authority"?
    That seems to be the basis for all the abuse that is perpetrated on him by "other" men.

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    Re: Jehovah Witness Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    Why is it that Man needs to be "enslaved" or needs "authority"?
    That seems to be the basis for all the abuse that is perpetrated on him by "other" men.
    I feel that some are born into their religion; others are looking for a truth that looks mostly like their own truth, and they find it in a religion. Think about it...its easier to latch on to someone else's truth than to find your own truth. We see people believing in all sorts of ideas; and we judge them to either be a good thing, or a bad thing. But if I went "on my own" and sought out MY truth for my life, I must do it alone...without the net of comfort people find in such things as religion. Then it takes a substantial amount of good 'ole self-reliance; and nobody really wants to do that work! In that respect,we enslave ourselves through a lack of looking up to ourselves to do the work that we must do in order to really grow!

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    Re: Jehovah Witness Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    Why is it that Man needs to be "enslaved" or needs "authority"?
    That seems to be the basis for all the abuse that is perpetrated on him by "other" men.
    My own personal belief is that we are subject to our genes, what Richard Dawkins called the selfish gene.

    Dawkins said that a human is just a gene's way of making another human. If that is true, that we are extensions of the replicative algorithms of our genes, then we will select behavior in such a way as to optimize our repructive success, and enhance our "social security" in that regard.

    EO Wilson, who is also of the same general school of thought as Dawkins, grew up in the southern US and was influenced by the "fundamentalist" faiths such as the Southern Baptists, holiness churches, etc, and realizede that those types of churches usually had "revivals" in the summer, where a number of men and women would "get saved".

    Wilson noticed that the general age of the were younf men and women about the age of puberty, and he began to realize that getting "saved" or "born again" was little more than a rite of passage, similar to that practiced by aborigine and African tribes, where a young man at the age of puberty goes through a process that changes him from boy to man, ready to assume the responsibilities of manhood.

    In most christian fundamentalist religions, young men and women about the age of puberty actually do improve their chances of mating within a certain circle, and the women are assured of marrying a man who shares their beliefs which aids the future of their progeny.

    I went through an emotional experience like this at age 13. It was extremely emoptional, and I was fully convinced that God had 'saved" me and given me his "Holy Spirit".

    As I got older and wiser, I realized it was just emotion, probably corresponding to the heightened awareness of myself as a sexual being.

    What I rreally didn't like about the whole thing is that I couldn't get laid after I was baptized. I was considered to be in a kind of social contract between myself and God to remain abstinent.

    It is likely, I believe, that many of these ceremonies evolved from ancient mating rituals. Even animals have courtship rituals that must be obeyed in order to mate, usually related to territory and reproduction within a territory, which helps ensure that there is no genetic confusion.

    If that is so, I have often wodered if racial prejudice is more than just a state of mind. Did southern whites refuse to mate with blacks because it's a remnant of genetic tendencies?

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    Re: Jehovah Witness Challenge

    Where here against autyhority

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