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    SWFHT - Start Working from Home Today.

    Start Working from Home Today

    SWFHT.com is run by Brian Barnhouse and is nothing more than a personal downline builder for his Paid To sites.

    This scammer opened three sites in his SWFHT program which I was a member of and brought in almost 100 new members.

    Egold Rain $1.00 to join
    Egold Flood $5.00 to join
    Egold Hurricane $25.00 to join

    After taking money from many people via e-gold, this scammer closed all the sites claiming e-gold ripped him off.

    What actually happened was E-gold caught him scamming and nuked his account. He kept all the earnings and denied it when I contacted him.

    He stole $25.00 from me and who knows how much he stole form hundreds of members.

    Anything Brian Barnhouse the :freak3: runs is a SCAM and he is a Thief.
    Kevin P :
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    Re: SWFHT - Start Working from Home Today.

    Bahahaha!!! Have you seen the eGold lawsuit. Looks like I was RIGHT the whole time...eGOLD DID freeze ALL the eGold...Take THAT, A$$WIPE. How about a "Been Due for FIVE YEARS apology?"....But, I bet You're too big of a loser to MAN UP when you're wrong!!!:king22:
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