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    Aroma Senses Liquidation Sale

    : Here is a little advice for you!

    If this organization comes to your area advertising huge discounts on various products at liquidation prices save your time and money and take your family out to dinner. The name of the company in it self "Aroma Senses" should speak volumes to what to expect from this experience at one of there so called Liquidation Sales.

    On their most recent event that was scheduled in the Grand Rapids area at the DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center 3/20/2009 to 3/22/2009, they reserved two rooms. As you walked into the area your seance's are assaulted by the lingering smell of about 100 different name brand perfumes and colognes, while in the back ground you can hear loud music playing in the next room.

    The 80% discount advertised prior to the event wasn't there! Unless you consider the $200 to $300 price tag on salvaged laptops and cheap knock-off products an 80% discount.

    Keeping your seance's about you, wondering through the event checking what is offered by the vender's, (Yes I said VENDER'S not people working a Liquidation Sale) you just might notice the 85% of the people are confining themselves to the first room. Why you may ask! Because in the second room is a vendor (along with about 1/4 of the total vendors) selling sound systems that I like to refer to as Auto-Shake- Apart sound systems with the volume turned up to a ear splitting level. You know the ones I am referring to, the cars that you can hear from 2 miles away and when they go by your house they rattle the double pane windows in your house from 200 yards away.

    All of the products that you will find at one of these events you can find at a lower price on-Line or when one of your local stores run a sale.

    Do what you want with this information, my oldest son and I are seriously considering going back today and standing at the entrance with a large sign that says:

    Aroma Senses
    Liquidation Sale
    Don't Bother

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    Re: Aroma Senses Liquidation Sale

    In 1999, Igor Abramovsky, a Twinsburg computer store manager, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for bilking customers and threatening to kill people who complained about his bad business. Now he is a managing partner of Blue Star Shows and Aroma Senses. Think about it !
    Twinsburg: FBI nabs Star Computer owner, Igor Abramovsky, 22, Mayfield Hts, and charges him with extortion, mail fraud and making false statements to federal agents; angry customers report death threats

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