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    Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Youv'e heard the adds on the radio! Look 10 years younger without surgery. Its a great add so I thought hey why not, free trial, where's the risk. The risk is you pay for shipping, ok not so bad. Then all of a sudden other company's are taking money right from your account. $1 here $1 there, ok not so bad, I got vitamin that were ok. Then these other company's starting charging me $15.95 for a promo gas card that I never received. But before I could blink Hydroxatone took $69.95 from my account and told me that was payment for the second month. I cancelled my free trial weeks after receiving the product and returned the bottle. They said they never got the return and I had to pay. That was the last email conversation I had. Everyone in their customer service is rude!! Mary Kay is cheaper and does a better job and their reps will take items back that you do not like. FREE IS NOT WORTH YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT BEING ATTACKED!:zx11pissed:
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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I have been dealing with this company for the last 11 months! I was suckered into their “free” offer for just $10.95 S&H. Two tiny jars of cream arrived and they are “free” only if you return the unused portion within 30 days. I was out of town and accidentally let the 30 day deadline pass by. When I called customer service, they were totally unyielding and would not let me send the unused jar back. I cancelled any future shipments which would have been automatic. My credit card automatically got charged for $79.90. I called again requesting to speak to a supervisor. He/she was not available & I was told that the person would call me back. I was also told once again that the unused jar could not be sent back (probably because they still wanted more money out of me). If this company really cared about customer service and their product they could have accepted their merchandise back a few days late. Fortunately my credit card company was assigning new account numbers which they do periodically so I could not be automatically charged for the remaining $69.95. When I did not hear from a supervisor for months, I assumed that the issue had been dropped until I heard from the collection agency.

    It makes me mad that I am the kind of person that this company feeds off of in that I forgot to return their product by exactly 30 days. I agree that the little 1 oz jar is certainly not worth $70 and that there are better less expensive products out there. This product is a rip-off! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!
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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Today, 04-17-2009 I received the 69.95 X (2) plus the 90.94 Hydroxatone had charged my account for their "free sample". It took a couple of months but I sent a letter to my bank with all the information concerning their scam. I received a new debit card from my bank and the money showed up today. I did not ask for the $7.95 back.I felt they deserved it since that was what they said I would only have to pay. I was scammed over $230.84. This was a surprise given I had figured I would never see themoney again. Sometimes the little man wins. :rasta: I am not going to send back the last 2 bottles they had sent me. So I got (4) 69.95 bottles for
    $7.95. I feel younger already.

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I don’t even know how this Hydroxatone company is allowed to do business. They reel customer in by offering free samples in order to get your credit card information and then they bill you each month. When you call their customer service, they give you the run around and hang up in your face. You can try calling them but I guarantee you it will be a waste of your time. I’ve gotten numerous letters from them stating that I owe them money when I canceled this frivolous transaction immediately after receiving their product. I was so angry when I opened this package and looked at the invoice that I never even opened their “free sample” of eye cream (and supplements) that they shipped to me. However, from the other complaints that I’ve read, Hydroxatone AM/PM eye cream is nothing more than a skin moisturizer. I didn’t even order any supplements from this company, yet I have to pay to ship them back. This is a terrible, terrible scam and they should be sued!!! Where is a good lawyer when you need one?! :zx11pissed:

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Is there a class action suite against Hydroxatone for having associated companies billing your credit card when you have said no to their services on the menu when ordering Hydroxatone...which by the way caused swollen patches on my face definately a scam:judges::judges:

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    It is worth remembering that this particular scam is rife all over the Internet, so lock up your credit card details with PayPal - as many of the main shopping sites are infested with this "loyaltyware".

    For every company that gets sued for this practice there is a replacement site waiting to take their place, acai berry, teeth whitening and fake skin products are the expensive ones.

    Lots of other 'respectable' companies are using this very same technique to steal tiny bits of money by signing you up for discount clubs/coupons without clearly indicating money is involved - you think you are getting free stuff- at the checkout for being a loyal customer (FREE written in the price box part of the cart looks like FREE to me)

    The amounts are small enough to mistake for another payment $8.00 - $15.00 here or there, just looks like a CD/DVD or magazines and chocolate price brought from a local store. The price may vary slightly each month to further confuse you.

    - when it finally clicks in your brain what is really going on, and they are taking these little bits of money and using a legal loop hole to blame the error on the customer - you want to grab the marketing manager of that company and stick them in the stocks and thrown rotten veg at them... ::: for weeks, months, YEARS afterwards, a customer never forgets being made to feel like a fool !

    The bigger amount version just goes for the big grab of cash in one go rather than taking it in micro payments.
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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I should know better. Whenever I see the word "FREE," that should be my cue to RUN AWAY!!!!


    This company promised a free trial for the cost of shipping, immediately added on unasked-for products, signed us up for continuation deliveries and billing.

    We followed the return instructions to the letter and got a small credit, then additional charges!

    The only thing that saved us was we had, and saved, a delivery confirmation receipt. They still suckered us out of $21.80 - $13.85 more than the advertised $7.95 shipping charge.

    Too much brain damage.... ing1:

    Stay Away from this company! They are Bad News!

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Hydroxatone is a scam. As a former employee I can honestly tell you that. They prey on the old and gullible. They dont care what your situation is, they just want to take as much money out of you as the possible can. The tell you that its a 30 day free trail offer and it is but what they dont tell you is that you will be shipped out a 90 day supply, they then try and talk you into keeping it by offering you deals and discount. The product cost $39.99 but the jack the price up to $79.99 to try and get the most money out of you. If you do want to try the product ask for the $39.99 one-shot and hear them say HUH?????
    Oh yeah, and those extra charges that appear on your credit card, lets take a wild guess as to how they appear there. Hydroxatone shares your credit card information with varies third party affiliates. Isnt that illegal. They tell you they dont but they do. Someone needs to audit them.
    I believe they are running some boiler room type scam, while selling some overpriced product that does not work. Truth is there are many cheaper priced brands to do a lot more then this promises.
    Heres my advice, place the order, get your product, call back and complain that what you got isnt what you ordered (because its not going to be) and threaten them with going to the BBB and your lawyer. After that the will refund your money and tell you to keep the product instead of dealing with BBB. That way you can really try the product for FREE.
    Seriously someone needs to audit them.

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I had a similar circumstance. I am out $140 for a lousy jar of cream. I will NEVER get a free trial of anything again. These companies prey on people!:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    They just got me to the tune of close to $200. I lost track of the 30 days and didn't cancel in time. Now I don't mind paying the $74 for the one bottle but they would not let me return the other two 2 bottles. They said I was not "elgible" to return them. I said how do I get elgible and they said you can't. They talked me into a payment plan for the rest of the money but I don't feel I should have to pay it.

    Is there any way I can get out of paying the rest of the money? Can I call my CC and dispute the charges? Anyone have any experience with trying to get out this or am I stuck?

    What if I cancel or change my CC number?

    Thanks in adavance. Phil

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Phil, my wife is on the phone right now with her credit card company working on disputing all of the charges that stemmed from her dealings with hydroxatone. There are three other "companies" doing unauthorized billings, in small amounts so they hopefully won't be detected. Based on what I've read from others, if you don't pay they will send it to collections. Your best bet is to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Alert...alert...This Hydroxatone products is a huge scam and somebody has to stop them...!!! Besides that the products is just simple cream and no miracle in it, the staff are running a huge money business with no fear. I called them after 2 weeks of getting the first order and they assured me they will stop any future deduction from my credit card, never happened, it is still going until now. I sent them the first jar and they denied they recieved it and I sent back the other jar with registered mail, they have a P.O Box number and no actual address...I don't know how many people have been scammed with their commercial and products but somebody out there has the power to stop them. Please help...

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I just got off the phone with my bank (thank God for Chase) and Keith 800-672-2259 EXT518 at Hydroxatone and a real abrasive woman Sara at Profinity 1-866-407-7043 agent # 3933. Keith told me that all I have to do is put Return to Sender on the package when I receive it and send it back through the mail. I proceeded to explain to Keith that if the 7.95 charge went through that I would not only contact an attorney regarding my dissatisfication with the way his company is doing business but that I would be contacting anyone else I could find with dealings with Hydroxatone and initiate a class action suit then my next phone call would be to the BBB because they should have to tell you about the monthly billing before taking your credit card information. I have read all your post's and we'll see I guess. Sara however was another story when I asked her how she got my information she says "You had to have talked with someone ma'm" (we went through this three times then I asked to speak to a supervisor) She said "I am a supervisor" I replied "I spoke to a woman representing Hydroxatone confirming my order of a free trial and I came in here and checked my accounts and I have two charges on my account that I did not authorize. Now could that woman have been from your company?" She says "I do not listen to outgoing calls ma'm" I said "but your company is affiliated with Hydroxatone is this correct?". Sara " yes along with travel insurance roadside assistance magazine subscriptions... etc." I said "so this woman was actually calling from your company and when she asked me to confirm the credit card number that I had placed the order with she was actually taking it to charge this 3.98 and 11.98 charge to my account for services that had not been explained to me nor had I been made aware that additional charges were going to be applied is this correct" She says " ma'am I have cancelled both charges here is your cancellation number"
    I want to thank you for all your posts and have included the phone numbers to possibly help someone who may already be or getting wrapped up in this scam. Thank you

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    I urge everyone in this post to contact Trenton New Jersey BBB 609-588-0808, www.trenton.bbb.org, or info @trenton.bbb.org. And voice your personal complaint This is why these services are here. You can each stand up for your rights as a consumer.

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    As a CURRENT employee of Hydroxatone (in reference to the disgruntled EX-employee), I think that our business practices are sound and fair. No business is in the business of giving away their valuable product FOR FREE. What irritates me about our customers is how they don't know the difference between a FREE TRIAL and a FREE SAMPLE. There are major fundamental differences to both. A trial is a period of time and that is exactly what we give you. The product is NOT FREE and we never once tell you it's free, never ONCE do we tell our customers it is a sample. I think as a business we are very careful with our wording so that we remain legal and legitimate. We give you the ability to TRY the product while you decide if you want to commit to purchasing it, then we give you the ability for a hassle-free return to avoid billing. I understand mistakes happen, and given the high volume of orders they happen quite often but they are always resolved, and we try our very best to keep our customers happy. Customers are given refunds as appropriately needed if they were entitled to one. If you hear that customers are treated 'rudely' or otherwise, it's because the customers calling in a LIVE person are really pushing the limits of that person's HUMANITY. It is not our fault as representatives that you made so many assumptions about the offer or that you didn't take an initiative to be 100% clear on the terms.

    I just wanted to reply to these posts because I think I can speak for all of my colleagues here when I say I am sick and tired of people not understanding the difference between a trial and a sample! If you were unclear when you first placed the order the terms and conditions to which the trial offer is attached, we give you a number to call back and ask questions. If that's not enough, we give you ALL the terms and billing arrangements on your INVOICE when you receive your product!

    All i can say, America, is that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. I'm sure most of you already know that. There is always terms and conditions attached to 'free' offers. Know the difference between a free trial and a free sample whenever ordering any product online, on the phone or elsewhere. Don't confuse our trials with 'trial sizes' which are sometimes free trial sizes of other peoples' products. That's not us.

    I'm a very satisfied employee here and our company takes very good care of us. We take very good care of our valued customers (the ones that understand what they got themselves into). I am not PAID to write this entry. I just don't feel bad for you. I may feel sorry for you, but everyone makes mistakes and you always have the ability to learn from your mistakes.

    All that said. I firmly believe in our product and I say that with conviction. Is it expensive? Yea, but so is a Gucci bag. You're paying for brand. You're paying for marketing. You're paying for one of the best corporate environments to work in and a very satisfied employee base. All the people that run this company have very strong ethics and conviction and I believe they'd stand behind their product as well. It took me a while to believe it too, but now that I'm using the product too (i had doubts) I genuinely enjoy it.

    You have a right to be disgruntled when you make a mistake, but don't call us a scam because we aren't.

    There I said it.

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    Re: Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    To the Hydroxatone scam employee...
    To say the honest people out there you take advantage of are stupid and deserve to be swindled...SHAME ON YOU!! :rotz:



    Talk about a bed rep for your company. your post speaks volumes about your principles and do u realise you pretty much admitted to scamming so many people and just cause they fell for it...it is all in the up and up.

    Will most certainly use your post in my letters to the BBB and press and News agencies.

    I found particularly distusting that the so called rep that contacted me actually brought up his so called christianity to pull me into this.
    I am a christian and no one with this deep faith would ever conjure something like this to do to someone and we certainly NEVER "USE" God to do anything but bring true joy and love to those around us!
    Yes...you are scammers! You respond ubber defensive because of your guilt and wanting to justify it so to make yourself feel better. Good luck with that.
    Very dissapointed your company has chosen to scam instead of putting in as much time and effort into helping those in need or something positive.

    Again ...shame shame on you. :zx11pissed:

    Oh and GULLIBLE213 Thank you for the numbers you provided.
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