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    Anchor House Financial

    Dunno if they've been reported here, but this scummy outfit has been spamming youknowwhoslist worldwide. They got an "F" from the Better Business Bureau. They spam youknowwhoslist with ads supposedly for foreclosed property, usually with “TAKE OVER PAYMENTS” headlines, and one of the following toll-free numbers: 877-712-4464 & 877-818-0717 & 866-900-9684 & 800-278-3041 & 866-945-8930 & 800-260-0295 & 800-587-6522 … When you call, they claim to have a list of foreclosed properties which they will sell you for $199, and they demand your credit card number. When you question them as to why they want the money so quickly, they get very rude. Once they get your money, they'll have nothing further to do with you. A reporter named Robert Eringer did an expose of Anchor House, which operates out of a storefront in Santa Barbara, CA.

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    Re: Anchor House Financial

    The Anchor House owners, Mike Davenport and Susan Quinn, also run First Step Equity with the same scam.

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    Re: Anchor House Financial

    Link to the current BBB Report.
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