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    Re: Pervert Abusers Need Punishment

    and just when i thought boone was "SANE"!?hehe!!oh well!!i guess everyone has their own "PET PEEVE"!?of course,if you post here,i guess it's proof enough of insanity!?NOT ME!?hehe!!

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    Re: Pervert Abusers Need Punishment

    every body should take necessary precaution, background check is good but the only thing that pissed me is that when i tried to run mine (ssn, speeding ticket, college and even college records showed up) hope anyone has that same access would use it in legal way. look http://www.unlimited-backgroundcheck.com that's where i used to check private individuals and sectors before.

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    Re: Pervert Abusers Need Punishment

    I agree with bat on this one to an extent.
    Teenage boys want to sleep with hot teachers, it's just how it is. I think it says something about the female teacher's character - that she's a weirdo - if she sleeps with a young teenage boy, but I don't think it's her exploiting him or anything like that.
    Having said that, there are laws about the minimum age for sex and I think they should be taken seriously. Is it 18 over there? It's 16 over here, which I think is fine.
    I think if a 16 year old male or female wants to sleep with her teacher and the teacher wants to sleep with them there isn't anything morally wrong with that, although it does kindof make them weird and probably a bit desperate.
    But if the teacher signs an agreement not to have sexual relations with any students obviously he or she shouldn't do that.

    I'm in two minds I guess, I'm undecided what my opinion is on this. I just know that when I was in school we would talk about banging the hot teachers, a few of us even did it, and I know for sure that there was no exploitation going on.

    I guess it depends to an extent who initiates it too, I remember one of my female friends had a fling with one of her teachers and that was completely her pursuing it, so I guess I don't really think he's a monster who deserves the death penalty.

    I'm just exploring my thoughts here, not committing myself to any side of the debate. Any comments on these thoughts would be helpful :)

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