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    SIF Group *Legit* ???

    By now I'm sure alot of you guys have heard of this group. They are doing a no pg no fico loan. I know alot of people who have coughed up the 695 processing fee but I haven't met anyone who has actually gotten funded. Anybody out there want to speak out???

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    Re: SIF Group *Legit* ???

    I just came across this group offering loans with no fico please give me some very helpful info on this group thanks.:spin2:

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    Re: SIF Group *Legit* ???

    starting to smell already. where did you get the offer? a website or an email?

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    Re: SIF Group *Legit* ???

    Go to www.startupnation.com there is a big thread in the forums about SIF. Were pretty hot and heavy on it right now.

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