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    Freelance Home Writers

    As anyone heard of this?

    I just got an email from someone about them, and would like to know its legitimacy.

    Can anyone shed some light on this gimmick?


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    Re: Freelance Home Writers

    It looks like they tell you about blogging, article writing etc. I haven't personally signed up but from their "blurbs" this is what it appears to be about.

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    Re: Freelance Home Writers

    The address this company gives on its "Contact Us" page is:
    1101 D Thorpe Lane Suite 430
    San Marcos, TX 78666

    A reverse lookup shows 22 listings for 1101 Thorpe Lane in San Marcos. Suite D belongs to "Mail Stop," so what we're looking at for Freelancehomewriters.com is Box 430.

    The site is registered through a proxy service, Whoisguard, to keep the registrant's contact info secret.

    The Better Business Bureau also shows the 1101 Thorpe address. The BBB gives the company a D rating because it "does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating" and "does not have sufficient background information on this business." It lists the principal as Charles Wellmore and says it has received four complaints in the past year.

    Some of the kinds of complaints the BBB received are echoed at ComplaintsBoard.com in this posting: http://www.complaintsboard.com/compl...e-c110610.html.

    I can't offer any evaluation of the legitimacy of the company's services or performance. However, as a professional journalist for almost 30 years, I can say without hesitation that the FAQ on the website reads like it was written by someone whose first language isn't English. Here's a sample, pasted directly from their site:

    Is Freelance Home Writers an employer?
    Answer: Freelance home writers is a membership web site not an employer. As stated in the online sales page we offer job training & our provide an online software which effectively aggregates and organizes freelance writing jobs so you can easily find the perfect job for you.

    I'm a complete beginner and know nothing about freelance writing, will your system still be able to help me?
    Answer: As long as you can follow simply directions we've created for you, the answer to this question is YES. we designed this program specially with the beginner in mind. We don't simply aggregate jobs- our training will start to mold you into a professional online writer.

    If you can't see the problems with those excerpts, you probably shouldn't be thinking about a career as a writer.

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    Re: Freelance Home Writers

    ^ LOL thanx for that...well looks like this is another farce that we should all be aware of.

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