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Thread: myhomesave.com

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    Does anyone know anything about this company myhomesave.com. :nervouss:

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    Re: myhomesave.com

    Did you try http://www.hopenow.com first or call their hotline at 888-995-HOPE? It is the best place to find help.

    If you decide to proceed, make sure that they have lawyer on stuff. If not, avoid, avoid, avoid. And do not pay upfront. There are tons of these kinds of scams right now. And I strongly suspect myhomesave.com is one of them.

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    Re: myhomesave.com

    Thank you for the advice and I think I will check the BBB out of the state the man said they were located. This is so scary and I am going to the hopenow.com website right now.

    Thanks again you are greatly appreciated

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    Hope Now?

    Is hopenow the same company as New Hope Property LLC, also dba New Hope Modifications LLC that was recently shut down in NJ - it was ran by brian mammoccio in NJ...

    I would proceed with cation when dealing with any of these online loan modification companies. Most of them are scams.

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    Re: myhomesave.com

    I believe that I am getting a run around with myhomesave.com. I checked them out with 6 agencies in Massachusetts and found no complaints, however, they have yet to do anything to help us. They are only a 'link' for faxing your loan modification papers to your bank which you can do yourself. My bank continues to deny receiving any information from them. So much time has passed that i am now afraid that we will lose our home. Work with your bank if possible. Our bank wanted nothing to do with a loan modification until we worked with myhomesave.com even though they claim not to receive anything papers from them.

    I am at a loss of who to believe, what to do, or what could happen from here on out. Especially becuase they have no complaints against them but my bank doesn't care about me and denies ever recieving anyhting from them even though it has been faxed to different numbers and emailed to different email addresses at the bank's request.

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    Re: myhomesave.com

    This company is a total scam and I'm reporting them today at agency s in MA, Ohio and DC. Will post more information later.

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