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    This company by US law must perform AES declarations as well as US Customs declarations. They continue to sell to companies who are not licensed to do business, they don't pay their vendors who have your shipment and then force the customer to pay additional over contract. Shipments are held up and then ransomed until the customer pays. The UK office demands some kind of port security fee from every shipper -they make thousands and thousands of money this way by scamming. Do not use EuroUSA, Upakweship, EuroUSA shipping ltd or any other name these scammers use. If you have used them in the past and they cheated you -report them to the Federal Maritime Commission www.fmc.gov or www.cbp.gov absolute scum.

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    We never suffered that plight. We did get a port security fee but more important the moving crew was extremely late by hours, they left debris and they overcharged us. Our friends back in the UK already know of this now so hopefully they wont suffer these idiots. Scott in WVA

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