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    Is this a here we go again....

    Any one know about these guys? Sounds like yet another scam I have ruined my email repsonding to job postings untill I realized what was going on. I responded to around 27 job postings in 24 hours and untill I started to get the 'you must go to free credit report.com or somewhere else and sent that to us to prove you are a US citizen and to portect us from the viruses we are getting' I did not see what was going on. Now I do not think they like the responses they are getting back when they send that credit report line,lol. But was wondering about these guys too...I think are another scam, but wanted another opnion...................

    Hi XXXX,

    I am following up to see if you are still interested in the freelance consulting opportunity I had previously mentioned.

    The Society of Industry Leaders affords experts, such as yourself, the opportunity to share your knowledge and be well paid for it. The Society is a global network of industry professionals who consult with the clients of Vista Research Inc., providing these clients with unique perspectives on industry trends. These consultations usually occur over the telephone and Members are compensated for their time. You would never be asked to share any information sensitive to your company.

    To make it even easier for you to join, we have recently enhanced our technology and streamlined our application for ease of use. The new application now takes very little time to complete. I have included a link below that will take you to the application page. I encourage you to complete the application by April 30 as we are witnessing an increase in requests to speak with experts during this uncertain time in the market.

    Application Link:

    If you navigate to our application and encounter problems or have questions, I encourage you to contact me on my direct line at 212-438-3851 or email me at jeffrey_lee@vistaresearch.com and I will happily assist you.

    I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to join our network.

    Kind regards,
    Jeff Lee
    Vista Research, Inc., a Standard & Poor's Business
    55 Water St., 43rd Floor
    New York, NY 10041
    Tel 212.438.3851
    Fax 212.438.4210

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    Re: Is this a here we go again....

    I do not know about phone number he has given you, but websites are legitimate.

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    Re: Is this a here we go again....

    The phone number seems to have nothing adverse listed against it at "Number Investigator", anyway. Here's the link.

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    Re: Is this a here we go again....

    Ok thanks yall :yllove:

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