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    Axcess Research Center- Scam

    I received a letter and a check from a company claiming my name was drawn along with eleven other people to receive a certain sum of money. The Research Center is based out of Canada, however the check I received was from a company in OK. The company on the check was indeed legit, however, after calling the bank, I was told that the check was fraudulent(of course I knew it had to be) and that they had received several other calls as well. Has anyone else heard anything about this scam?

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    Re: Axcess Research Center- Scam

    I just received the same letter. It looks legit but it doesn't make sense that I'd get a check from a contruction company in Oklahoma since the company who sent it to me was Axcess Research in Canada. Weird. I knew it was too good to be true (secretly I hoped not =-)

    So, what do they get out of this?
    It always boggles my mind that there are people out there who do nothing but try to figure out how to rip people off. I guess getting a job to support yourself would just be too easy...


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    Re: Axcess Research Center- Scam

    I was also hoping it was legit, but knew it was too good to be true. I didnt think the whole thing made sense either.The person I spoke with at the bank said that people have called the number in Canada and have actually spoken to someone. Apparently the way they make money is by having people cash the checks and then send most of it back to them, not really sure how that would work though, or who would actually send the money back. I was also told that at least two of the checks have been cashed by the individuals own bank.

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    Re: Axcess Research Center- Scam

    It's a common enough scam, advance fee fraud. But typically they get in touch with you first to fabricate some sort of a pretext for why they are sending you a check and why you should send them money when you cash it. The check is of course fake but by the time you find that out you've sent them money with no way of getting it back.

    But sending the check first with no provision for you to send them money is a bit stupid. God, if they're too stupid to run a decent scam I fear for their career prospects. I picture them standing at intersections with crudely made cardboard signs reading "will do nothing for food."

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